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Run your own online newspaper – no start up costs!

Would you like to manage an independent local online newspaper? I have been running since October 2009 and have decided to offer the concept as a franchise to interested parties who would like to manage their own online newspaper.  This offer is valid in South Africa only. You will need:

  • A thorough knowledge of WordPress, FTP and image manipulation.
  • If you are not familiar with WordPress, I suggest you first run a blog on the platform until you are familiar with running a WordPress Blog.
  • I use FileZilla as my FTP client.  FTP [file transfer protocol] is the software used to transfer images from your hard drive to your domain.  While images that appear in the posts are uploaded via WordPress, images for advertisements need to FTP’d to your domain.
  • I use the Corel Suite for image manipulation.  This is basically to resize and cut images to the correct proportions.  I good knowledge of Paint will also suffice.

There is NO START UP COST.   What’s in it for you?

  1. I will build you a 1 directory website [Wordpress] absolutely free of charge.
  2. The same theme will be used for all newspapers.
  3. Each page will give you 12 advertising spots to sell for your account.
  4. Your web site will be located on your own domain.
  5. Your web site will be visual, easy to navigate and administer.
  6. Your newspaper will be exposed to a national readership.
  7. You will be financially independent and have total control over content.
  8. You will pay no monthly hosting fees.
  9. You will have a free e mail address
  10. Your newspaper will be optimized and Search Engine friendly.
  11. You will receive 35% of the gross income for all referred work.

What’s in it for me? My core business is domain hosting, web & graphic design and internet marketing.  I will ask you to market these services to your readers and advertisers.

  1. They will host with me at R1000/annum [T&C's apply - see below] and then get a free ad-spot in your newspaper – 4 spots per page – see the 125×125 pixel ads listed under ‘Hosted by South Cape Net’ on
  2. These 4 spots per page will be for my account.
  3. My link ‘Web Design and Hosting by:’ to will be placed at the bottom of each page – bottom left corner of the right hand column.
  4. Your web site will have a weather widget on every page – adjacent to the South Cape Net link.

Please consider this offer and let me know what you think. Bruce Middleton South Cape Net 072 676 7404 NOTES The Franchise Agreement is founded on the following assumptions:

  1. The Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the Blogs have turned internet advertising into a self-service commodity much like what self-service retail stores did for grocery shopping.
  2. Marketing managers now produce and publish their own material.
  3. Journalists will increasingly find themselves office-bound – receiving and distributing such material.
  4. There are 100′s of good [and underpaid] journalists and entrepreneurs out there who could create a viable income stream if given access to a properly designed and managed web site.
  5. This would be greatly enhanced if it were part of a national network of regional newspapers where readers could seamlessly navigate between the various publications.
  6. This would be further enhanced if readers had seamless access to the latest International, National, Business and Sports News.
  7. The most successful internet newspapers worldwide are business news publications.

A financially viable internet newspaper requires a modern design, a consistent flow of articles with strong local content as well as very low overheads.

Domain Hosting Terms & Conditions:

  1. [Web hosting includes 20 e mail address on your domain – but no dial up facilities.
  2. The rates above are for small to medium-sized companies with a limit of 4 Gb e mail- and 1 Gb web usage.
  3. Companies requiring or using more will be charged accordingly – R0.05/Mg e mail traffic over usage & R5/Mb web space over usage.  Bigger packages are available for large companies]

Free Newspapers currently up and running:

Please note – these newspapers are independently run – The Gremlin has no input into content and performance.

  1. Biz Events News
  2. Ezasekhaya News
  3. Information In
  4. Mo Money Times
  5. Mozibusiso
  6. Politico Africa
  7. The Jozi Chronicle
  8. Zimbabwe Clarion
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