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George backs an Olympic Medallist – Bianca gets Silver at 2020 TOKYO OLYMPIC GAMES

July 27, 2021

George Municipality is absolutely thrilled at the news that local surfer Bianca Buitendag, has won a Silver medal at the...

Announcement and invitation to participate: Development of a strategic framework for an alien and invasive biomass economy in RSA

July 13, 2021

A new initiative to develop a strategic framework for an alien and...

George Municipality backs local surfer, Bianca Buitendag for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

June 29, 2021

George Municipality has partnered with local, soon-to-be Olympian, Bianca Buitendag, a surfer...

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Multistage Coastal Walkathon to Boost Domestic Tourism

July 28, 2021

Cape Town, 27 July 2021 – As South Africa battles the third wave of COVID-19 infections on adjusted alert level...

Eric Jacobs to lead SWD Cricket Scorer’s Association

June 8, 2021

Eric Jacobs, who formerly was the chairman of the SWD Cricket Scorers...

Mario Jansen to lead SWD Cricket Umpires Association

June 1, 2021

Mario Jansen was elected as the new chairman of the SWD Cricket...

SWD Cricket holds successful gold day

June 1, 2021

The team of Selwyn Amsterdam, Alister Kiewiets, Ian Laubscher, and Adrian Cupido...

SWD employees complete E-Learner Platinum certificate

May 26, 2021

The following employees of South Western Districts recently completed the e-Learner Platinum...