Future2me Social Responsibility Project

The most important goal for us is to ensure that our children have a future. A future where they have a decent education and look forward to a future that is bright with the best available possibilities such as a career, studies and many more.

As government dictates to us and for those who feel obliged to help, we need to help those in peril that really need it and those that have a just cause. With experience in social responsibility projects in the past it is my experience that many projects fail as it is a bottomless pit that does not only need financial help but also management skills.  This is not always available as our companies have their own company to manage – there is just not enough time.

Therefore we have developed a web based portal that will help learners with their future starting with a CV. This enables a company to invest in their own employer’s children and other underprivileged children. This is more sustainable and no management is needed as learners will be able to manage their own process and with numerous benefits as listed below.

Everybody needs a professional CV.The average cost of a quality CV could be up to R500 and could become passive immediately. A normal CV is not manageable as the CV changes continuously. We can create a professional CV for the learner for just R69.00 (registration fee), that they can manage themselves by adding information any time. Added benefits such as sms notifications of possible bursaries, learnership and on the job training or possibilities to enhance their future will be made available. Now the learner has the tools to apply for a position, ensure that their application is received and be able to know what happened to their application. 


  • Cost effective
  • Know that their application is received and will be processed
  • Be able to track application process
  • Real time information
  • Printable curriculum vitae on demand
  • Notifications on new jobs, bursaries available, useful information regarding future in the human resources fields, etc.
  • Manage own data and detail on application(add on)
  • Business opportunities, or other related aspects
  • Students and/ or scholars can make use of this portal to use add on benefits such as interviewing preparation, career information, financial information (such as how to apply for a bank account), etc 


Start today to help learners to have a better chance with their work related; study related, general need to know aspects for the future, and the chance to have access to bursaries, learner ships, in-house training and many more. So by investing R69.00 per learner paid over to us with full names, ID number and cell phone details of the learner, we will provide you with voucher numbers for each learner to activate their registration. You will receive a letter stating that you have invested in x amount of learners which you can use on your company profile. You can invest in any number of learners and more than once as well. There are more than 2 000 000 learners out there that needs your help. Please remember that a percentage of your turnover needs to be invested in a social responsibility project.

 Visit our webpage at http://www.future2me.com/ or if you need more information info@future2me.com

Or visit us at:

Diaz Office Park
Block E, Unit 6
Diaz Strand

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