School enrolment for 2012 – 2ND round of applications underway

Donald Grant

The second round of applications to enrol children in school for 2012 has begun. 

Schools started accepting the second and final round of applications on 25 July. The closing date for this round of applications is 30 September. 

We strongly advise parents who have not applied to schools, or have been unsuccessful in the first round, to apply immediately. 

Due to the success of the first round of applications, we are already experiencing high levels of demand in schools in areas such as the Helderberg region, Mitchells Plain and the city centre. It is therefore advisable that parents make the relevant enquiries now so that other arrangements can be made to assist parents if they are not able to find placement in their desired schools. 

We would also like to appeal to parents that have had their child accepted at two or more schools to make a final decision now. The WCED needs to know what places are available in order to help other parents find places for their children. Therefore, we ask parents who have had successful applications at various schools to contact these schools as soon as possible and inform them of their final decision. 

Although the majority of parents have made a final decision already, a small minority are holding places at various schools. In terms of the admissions policy, parents have to advise the school within 10 days of receiving a letter of acceptance whether they have accepted the place. Therefore, these parents also risk losing their children’s place at a school. 

Once the second round of applications is complete, schools will inform parents in writing whether the latest applications were successful during the first week of the fourth term. Schools will then again inform our districts whether they are full or not. 

Parents are reminded that they need to provide the following documents when submitting their applications: 

1. The child’s birth certificate (baptismal certificates are not regarded as proof of birth date).
2. Immunisation card
3. Transfer card or the last report card for learners who have already been to school. 

Schools may enrol learners provisionally if these documents are not available. They will give parents and guardians reasonable time to submit them. 

For those parents admitting their children for the first time, the admission age for a learner to a public school in Grade R is age four years turning five years by 30 June in the year of admission. The admission age for Grade 1 is age five years turning six years by 30 June in the year of admission. 

The WCED is doing all it can to inform parents about the necessary procedures and required documents so that we can get as many children as possible enrolled by the end of the third term. We have placed 35 billboards in selected communities, ads in 100 taxi’s on selected routes, and posters in 95 train coaches.  

In the coming weeks, radio ads will be broadcast on various radio stations and at railway stations. A pamphlet drop of around 250 000 pamphlets will be distributed to selected communities. 

We are determined to ensure that every child has a place in school so that we can start teaching and learning from the very first school day. We want to avoid any disruption caused by late enrolments. 

Every hour of every teaching day is important if we are to improve learner outcomes in this province. With the help of all concerned, we can ensure that we achieve a smooth start to 2012.

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