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Spring Greetings,

September is spring month and those that have already sprung into employment through our network we wish you all the best with your new job. Well done! To our new members and recruiters we welcome you and we hope your networking with us generates new prospects in your life. As you all know, activity on this websites practically increasing daily. In view of this, there are several steps that needs to be taken to:

Increase member participation by inviting like-minded recruiters and job-seekers..

Step up an agenda for this website and yourself by using your profile as ajob marketing tool.

Create an environment conducive for dialoging on issues related but not restricted to Job-search, recruitment and HR inSouth Africa.

In view of these, I will like to seek inputs from members on ways we can improve. There are many new vacancies on our website from Trusted recruiters to apply for. Anyone who is interested can simply go to our Latest Vacancies tab to submit their CV. Baring in mind you must be an active member on recruit2network.com with fully completed profile information. Prior experience in the particular industry involved with clear ITC on record will be valuable.

Job seekers frequently message us to ask how they can use The Recruitment Network Group to their advantage. Here are top Tips why your should be using us:

We are free and easy to join with an additional paid CV distribution.

Applying for jobs under Latest Vacancies is free of charge.

We are one of the top SA Recruitment Social Networks using the platform to brand recruiters and assist in candidate lead generation.

You are able to connect with career and job search experts, companies that are hiring, and other job seekers.

Our website is highly ranked and SEO optimized so your profile is guaranteed to be viewed by an potential employer other than applying for jobs.

Applications are encrypted and secure when sent to employer and agencies for your safety.

You will have limited international competition as we only cater for South Africans.


Are you interested in advertising on The Recruitment Network Group Portfolios website? Commercial and job advertising requests can be addressed to our Press Office on 0839 007 486. A consultant is standing by& will be able to discuss the terms and benefits of our packages to suit your needs.

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