Cooking with Amore, the title says it all, all of the passion that it is in my book.

They are simple recipes, especially if done with passion, in this book I concentrated on the most popular and important first courses of the Italian cuisine. 

One hundred and more recipes on pasta, risotto and gnocchi, very essential dishes for us Italians, many time a first course can be enough as a full meal, because is complete of carbohydrate, vegetable and protein. The Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet rich of vegetable, fish and extra virgin olive oil. 

Most of my recipes are traditional, though you will also find a part of contemporary recipes but all of them will be strictly authentic Italian, from the north to the center and down in the south, created with typical Italian ingredients but the ones that you will be able to purchase in South Africa as well, what is the point of having a cook book if you won’t be able to prepare the recipes because you can’t find the right ingredients? I wish then the people that buy my book will make a good use of it, not display it on a coffee table in their living room, I would love to see it in the kitchen, all dirty with tomato stain and flour! 

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