Courier Company In South Africa Introduces Black Economic Empowerment Policy

Johannesburg, South Africa2011 -South Africa-based courier service provider, Globeflight has introduced a unique policy for the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged people, including black communities. In order to uphold the ideals of the Rainbow Nation, Globeflight doesn’t discriminate among its personnel on the basis of race or colour.

South African women and previously disadvantaged groups such as black communities will find it a rewarding experience to work at Globeflight, a courier company in South Africa.  In this beautiful Rainbow Nation, Globeflight believes no one should be deprived of opportunities because of their gender or race. The Black Economic

Empowerment Policy followed by the company has been rated at level six by Empowerdex, an economic empowerment rating agency in South Africa.

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Globeflight is a reputed and entirely South Africa-based courier service company that has introduced the Black Economic Empowerment Policy in its company in order to uphold the ideals of the Rainbow Nation. The company makes sure that there is no discrimination among its personnel based on their race or gender.

About Globeflight:
Established in 1998 in South Africa, Globeflight is a truly independent courier company in the country. The company is a boon for the business community in South Africa as it offers a wide range of logistics and transport services.  This courier service provider handles shipments with care and aims to provide excellent customer service to all its clients.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Eddie Meyer
Company Name: Globeflight
Office Telephone Number: +270119222600
Web site address:
106 Loper Avenue
Aeroport Industrial Estate
Spartan Ex2

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