George Hay – Functional art that celebrates alchemy and the moment

Knysna,Western Cape, 2011 — “Design is a three minute culture celebrating alchemy, wizardry and the moment” 

According to the Gallery of Functional Art in California; Functional Art is the blending of form, function, sculpture and fine art. All of these disciplines may be called upon to create original objects and this is precisely George Hay’s belief of what all art and design should be. Starting his journey at the Telford College of Arts and Technology in the United Kingdomand having spent the last fifteen years experimenting with materials, learning and perfecting the art of how to manipulate them into functional art, George Hay has returned to Knysna and the Southern Cape to find new inspiration for his current work.  Some have said that it is because George’s work is not influenced by trends and what is happening around him, that his work is an ‘eclectic collection of potent pieces’. 

Using old techniques on a larger scale George has a belief that art is also about the inherent responsiveness of the material at hand. “I am always honest with the material and ultimately the piece that I am creating, but at the same time, the channels of playing and manipulation make them greater than the expected end result” states George, “if I am creating something from a particular material, I will experiment with other applications, often leaving me with other unfinished experiments, but a good understanding of what else can be made” 

Hand drawn curves and flowing lines create pieces to fit those spaces in between where just the right touch is required to complete the scene.

Contact Person: George Hay – Furniture Design
Contact Number: 084 318 5968
PR Company Name: LLC-PR
Telephone Number: +27 81 485 6046
Email Address:

George Hay can be found on Facebook and can be contacted directly by the public for commission of work.

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