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Do you want to start making some easy money? InterQuote is the solution! It is an internet based quotation system that is aimed at bringing the customer/client and the supplier/service provider closer together (eliminating the middle man). InterQuote is like the google of the business world.

The purpose of InterQuote is to make life easier for the customer/client, instead of you rushing around to… find and compare quotes, you can easily do this by just searching for the product/service/rentals that you want. When you have searched for an item/service, InterQuote will send out quotes to all companies/businesses that sell/provide the products or services that you are looking for. These companies can then send out quotes to you and you can easily compare them, once you think you have found the best deal, you can choose a courier company to deliver the product to you, if needed (since InterQuote is already a world-wide system, you can choose to search for products/services world-wide, on your continent, in your country, in your province or simply in your town) again saving you time effort and money.

That’s not all, now you’re probably wondering where you start making your money? Well the InterQuote system in not only for businesses or service providers, you can register as a member, and you may also participate in purchases or sales over the InterQuote system. Upon completing your registration, you can start adding people, companies or service providers to your down line (your down line is the email addresses that you have invited to join the InterQuote system). Now you want to add as many email addresses as quickly as possible to ensure that you can build your down line as fast and effectively as possible, because if someone tries to add an email address that has already been registered on the InterQuote system, it would just be ignored, so you want to make sure to be the first person to add as many companies or friends before someone else gets them.

Now you still don’t see how you make your money? Well let me explain: Every person or business registered in your down line will eventually make a few transactions (whether they are purchasing or selling products/services). For every transaction done by contacts in your down line you will receive 0.5% commission (ok this sound extremely small, but wait! you can add as many contacts to your downline as you want to, and say for example you have a business in your downline that makes R1 000 000 worth of transactions per month, then you are getting approximately R5000 which is all yours! and you didn’t even need to lift a finger. Now imagine if you have 10 businesses in your down line that generates the same amount of money per month!). It doesn’t end there though, the 0.5% commission you get happens on every transaction for two levels down in your down line, that means you get the 0.5% commission of every purchase made by the contacts in your down line, as well as the contacts in their down line!

Do you see the potential of this system? Are you exited and ready to start cutting out the middle man from your business, or do you just want to increase your earnings by promoting this system?

Well then be smart, follow this link ( and register immediately! All you need is a valid Email address, you First Name, your Surname, a secure Password and of course your up-line reference (which is: ZA10)

JP : 082 447 9679
Armand: 082 744 5646
Morne: 082 990 6055

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