South African Telecommunications Systems Integrator Now Provides IP Telephony Systems

Cape Town, South Africa,17/10/2011:A telecommunications systems integrator from South Africa, uThetha, now provides IP telephony systems for small, medium, and large businesses. South African companies can make huge savings on their telecommunications costs by using the latest IP telephony systems provided by uThetha. The company has its sales office in Cape Town and serves the country with IP phones from top brands.

Companies that are eager to save on their telecommunications costs as well as the time spent on installing and managing their business telecommunications systems can now benefit from the IP telephony systems provided by uThetha. The company offers dozens of branded IP phones and related equipment to set up IP telephony systems in offices and factories. Open standard Internet Protocol (IP) and data networks are used by IP phones to transmit voice communications.

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uThetha is a reputed telecommunications systems integrator in South Africa that now provides IP telephony systems. The company has its sales office in Cape Town and serves large, small, and medium sized companies in the country.The leading brands of IP telephony systems or IP phones offered by uThetha include ScopServ and NEC switchboard.
About uThetha:
uThetha is a South African company specializing in telecommunications systems integration. It serves all types of clients, from small and medium sized companies to large corporate houses. uThetha’s services include telecommunications consulting, solutions, call savings, and products like IP phones. The company has a sales office in Cape Town.

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Unit A30 Pinelands Business Park, Avonduur Road
Western Cape
South Africa-7405
Tel. No: +270215310914/0215320815
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