Insurance underwriter’s remarkable contribution to tourism

Insurance companies love to tell you how much money they’re saving you – it seems to be the only unique selling proposition their marketing panjandrums can come up with, and it’s often a lie, because when it comes to claims time…

That’s not true of BnB SURE, though – which is the only company in the insurance industry that I know of that’s actively set out to make money for its clients by attracting business for them. Its web site,, provides free listing and bookability for all the company’s insured – as does its recently launched mobi site, (And who else in the insurance industry supports not one, but two such sites?)

The BnB SURE web people recently released stats that show that attracts about 148 unique visitors per day – an estimated 54,000 per year – from South Africa as well as from countries like Italy, Switzerland, the UAE and India.

At a very conservative estimate, about 10% of visitors make reservations as a result of their time on the site – that’s 5,400 reservations.

Assuming (again, very conservatively) that each reservation represented one person for one night at R500.00 a time – the total revenue generated is somewhere in the region of R2,700,000.00

I’m sure that the real figure is somewhere way above that – but it’s difficult to say. What I do know is that the .mobi site – – which went live only last week – is going to make a huge difference in time to come.

How fantastic to be able to arrive in out of the way places like Alice or Boston (in KwaZulu-Natal), and search easily for accommodation on your phone? That’s convenience that can’t be beat. (And it’s free to the B&B industry… no membership fees or commissions apply.)

So I say – well done BnB SURE – it’s good to have you on our side.

Heads Up 1.0: Have you filled out’s Tourism Survey?

Please go here to take part in this interesting survey – it’ll require just a minute of your time, and the results should be quite useful.

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