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Hi Folks

I have a few fabulous cake recipes and one or two real successes that have become real favourites of mine, so give them a try.

I have had a request for a few cold Christmas recipes and Christmas salads, so keep a look out, they are coming in the next week or two but don’t forget there are the traditional Christmas recipes available as well. If you have any suggestions for Christmas 2011, feel free to send them to me.

Traditional Christmas recipes

Sweetcorn fritters

I had these for breakfast but take a look at the alternatives, they are fantastic.

Lemon Chicken Cajun style

Hot over pasta por cold as a salad, this is a winner.

Hot milk chocolate sponge cake

I tried a marshmallow filling…. just take a look.

Honey cake

A simple yet delicious cake

Have a fantastic weekend 

Cheers for now


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