Buying a Used Car in South Africa – Imperial Select’s R10 000 Competition

Angels Without Wings and DARG are a hit in Imperial Select’s charity competition

In December and January 2012, Imperial Select ran a competition called “Give Back This Festive Season” on Facebook featuring six charities. Facebook fans could vote for the charity they wanted to receive a R10 000 cash-prize.  The top-two ranking charities would then win R10 000 each. When the votes were tallied last Friday, Angels Without Wings finished in first place with 312 votes and DARG finished in second place with 196 votes.

The competition proved to be extremely popular. Many fans posted about their favourite charities and why they were voting for them on Imperial Select’s Facebook wall, as well as creating support for their charities, encouraging others to vote in the competition and spreading the word across Facebook.

Why Imperial Select wanted to give back this Festive Season

Imperial Select is a keen choice for those who are buying a new or used car in South Africa. Their branches are located country-wide, and they have a large selection of new and used cars for sale. Selling with the consumer in mind, they often include warranties, service plans and other car-care products, so that car owners can enjoy their car as much as possible, without the hassles of surprise service costs or mechanical damage bills.

However, the car market is not their only strength. The well-known car dealership often run competitions for their customers and Facebook fans, however, this time they wanted a competition with an extra-special prize.

“When we were deciding what kind of competition to run over the Festive Season, we knew we wanted to do something different; something that wasn’t just about giving away material gifts,” says Ross Barlow of Imperial Select.

“We wanted to give money away to charity, but we were looking for a fun way of doing this. We eventually came across the idea of running a competition on Facebook where we got our fans to choose where the money went. We contacted various charities and the six who responded first were awarded a spot in the competition.”

Who are Angels Without Wings and DARG?

Angels without Wings is a non-profit organisation that provides assistance to families with children that are terminally ill or have life-altering conditions. The charity was founded after the death of baby Renee Maree, who died at six months from leukaemia.
DARG is a non-profit organisation with a pro-life policy. The centre is a temporary home for abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs, until they are adopted. Their vision is to be a leader in animal sheltering procedure South Africa.

How can you help charities in need?

You can help charities such as Angels Without Wings and DARG; they are always looking for support. All you need to do is contact them and ask how you can help. If you don’t have finances to help, they always need volunteers to assist them in the work that they do. For example, DARG always need volunteers to help with walking the dogs, cleaning kennels, feeding and giving a lot of attention and care to the animals in their shelters. are a popular car dealership where you can buy used cars in South Africa.

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