How to find out keyword potentials within Google Analytics

There is a simple way to find out traffic potential and trends from the articles that you write on your blog. To recognise the most interesting topics we use a simple formula within a spreadsheet. After analysing the results you can easily identify the topics that your readers are interested in. By understanding what your visitors are wanting to read, you can build a content strategy that works.

We use Google Analytics to find the data. Firstly, you need to filter the landing pages for a chosen keyword. So you are only finding URLs with the respective keyword in it. However, this will only work effectively if your URL optimisation is correct. We took the amount of URLs for the particular search topic (keyword) and the amount of visitors that these URLs received.

You can do that with all your keywords and their relating visitors per URL. For your calculation it is important which number you divide by which. If you take the bigger number (usually always the amount of visitors) divided by the smaller number (amount of URLs), the result with the highest number emerges as your number one! (If you do it the other way round the smallest number is your number one). You can also draw a graph to visualize your results.

Keyword Visits / Keyword in URLs = Quotient

From this data we can see at a glance which keywords are working well within the website and which keywords are deemed popular by searchers. Copywriters can use this information to identify content opportunities to leverage in future blog posts.

Download spreadsheet template

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