16.236MW saved to date, lowering pressure on the Eskom national grid

Ellies have to date saved 16.236 MW of the targeted 45 Megawatts. The Project Power Save campaign which is aimed at saving necessary Megawatts from the national grid is currently underway until the end of March 2012.  The project is currently in its 5th week of roll out on a national level.

The campaign, which is an Eskom supported programme, has Elsat accredited installers visiting over 200 000 homes across the country to replace incandescent and halogen lights with energy efficient lamps as well as replacing water-guzzling showerheads with flow-regulated showerheads.   In addition, geyser timers will be installed in homes with existing electrical geysers.  All of these elements are at no cost to the homeowner.   Elsat is an established division of Ellies with a strong reputation and credibility.   To date the response has been strong with South Africans realising the importance of lowering the current strain on the power grid and wanting to move to ‘greener’ and energy efficient household options.

Eskom  is rebating the cost of the energy efficient technologies installed into homes under one of its funding-assistance programs with accredited installers earning a fee for each installation.   Eskom will remunerate Ellies for every watt saved.  “We are thrilled about the progress we have made thus far” notes spokesperson Gary Wiltshire.   “South Africans are excited about this initiative and we thank them for the overwhelming response and feedback we have received.”

All households across the country qualify for free replacements and are encouraged to participate, not only to assist in decreasing power demands but also to benefit from the long-term savings in their electricity cost.  

For more information please contact Ellies directly:   Customer care 0861 355 437 or log onto www.elliesrenewable.co.za and provide your details.  Ellies will contact an installer in the relevant area to action your installation.  

Households need to verify the accreditation and identification of the installer before allowing them into their homes.

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