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Lately you would have noticed a lot of advertisements where the telephone numbers are mentioned such as 08600 ESKOM, 0800 SANRAL etc. 

There are various other companies that also have smart numbers for contact numbers such as 0861 XPANDA, 0861 WINDOWS, and so forth. 

If readers are not aware yet of how to phone a phoneword on any device, herewith an easy explanation;

QWERTY  Keypad

  • A phoneword dials exactly like a telephone number
  • Depending on your smartphone’s software there will be small variations of when to use the “Alt” key, play around to get to know your phone
  • An example is 082 Charles
  • Dial the 082 as normal
  • Press the “Alt” key and keep it in
  • Now type CHARLES on the keypad (depending on your specific phone it will display 082charles or 0xecharles but it will dial the correct number)
  • Press the dial button
  • Your phone will automatically dial 082 2427537 (it might display something different while it is dialling)
  • Your phone will display the number that you have just dialled as 082charles in your log after you have phoned


Alphanumeric Keypad

  • A phoneword dials exactly like a telephone number
  • ABC = 2  – to dial the A B or C press the 2 only once
  • PQRS = 7  – to dial the P Q R or S press the 7 only once
  • The same applies for the rest of the alphabet
  • The 0 & 1 on your keypad does not have any alphabet letter associated with it and is not used when phoning a phoneword except for dialling the ‘code’ or ‘prefix’
  • It is similar to texting. The only difference is that you press the number only once for the letter that you want to dial, even if it is the F S or X


Cellular phone words might be a very useful tool for small businesses, especially businesses ‘on the go’. For more information on this go to team
07francois (073 726 2647)

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