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Kevin Bradshaw

I would like to welcome the readers of THE GREMLIN to my column where I will share the tips and tricks of photography that I have learned over the past 40 years.  Maybe I shouldn’t have divulged that time period as not only does it make me lack youth, it may lead one to believe that I am a slow learner! 

Regardless of what type of camera you are using or what level of experience you may have, there are certain attributes that contribute to a photography being outstanding.   Probably the most significant thought I can share with you is that the subject of an outstanding photo, Stands Out!  This means that when anyone casts their eyes upon your photograph, the subject of the photo should be blatantly obvious.  So what does this really mean? 

This means that the background should be treated in an entirely different manner than the subject of the photo.  Your subject should have impact, be crisp and sharp, and have colour and brightness contrast to the background.  The subject should be very distinct from the background.  Secondly there should be only one subject in your photograph.  The subject may be a specific group of people, a couple, a family, but whatever the subject, it needs to be as distinct as possible from the background. 

Tips & Tricks to make your subject stand out from the background may include: 

  1. Use a dark background and light your subject properly.
  2. Use a large aperture opening, (low f stop), with a long focal length to produce a crisp sharp subject, and to blur any background.
  3. Have the subject fill the frame as much as possible as in portrait photography.
  4. Use a fill flash to slightly illuminate the subject, especially when photographing against a light or bright background.

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