The first social network of emotions

It’s new and exciting and its called Emotid.  The first and only social platform dedicated to emotions. A team of psychologists, experts in emotional intelligence, have developed a tests of emotions, validated on a sample of over 20,000 people. The result? The EMOTAG. (

In 5 simple steps you can define your emotional state and decide how best  to use your emotion.

This way you get to know emotionally similar communities, share your feelings that are difficult to communicate or simply meet new people.


Emotid does not stop at drawing a  picture of your emotions, it also helps you reach your target emotionally. Do you feel you want to be optimistic  and hopeful regarding an important meeting in a week? Emotid identifies this yearning  for you, through the use of tips, EmoTIPS, related to art, food, clothing and music amongst others .. that will help you change your status and will note these will never be just any suggestions. Emotid have worked with leading figures in their fields such as Andrea Gori (sommelier) , Bruno Serato (chef), chefs from Master Chef Italy,  Valentina Benatti (Fox Life), Dawn Del Russo (fashion blogger from New York), Silvia Paoli (Vanity Fair Italy), Emanuele Pirro (ex F1 driver) , Loretta Napoleoni (Economist) , just to name a few. Emotid is not a social network, not a game, not a psychological test, it  is so much more. Emotid begs the question,  is happiness for fun or for real. (Available as an Iphone App too)

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