AfriForum requests municipality to resolve odour problem in Oudtshoorn

AfriForum has requested theOudtshoornMunicipalityto urgently attend to the unbearable stench in the town. This comes after members of the Oudtshoorn community brought complaints about air pollution and foul-smelling air to AfriForum’s attention.

According to George Kersop, Chairperson of AfriForum’s branch in Oudtshoorn, the problem has been going on for several years. “There has been an unbearable stench in the town for many years. The community has been complaining about the problem for years now. You cannot live with your windows closed forever,” Kersop said.

AfriForum requested the municipality to provide a plan, demonstrating the actions the municipality will take to deal with the problem, beforeWednesday, 18 April 2012. “If no reply is received, AfriForum will ask the relevant authority for help to attend to the issue,” said Kersop.

AfriForum has received a petition which clearly indicates the enormous impact the foul odour has on the Oudtshoorn community.

Despite an enormous paper trail in the form of messages and complaints from residents and media reports concerning the issue, the municipality has thus far failed to attend to the problem.

“It is obvious that municipal negligence and mismanagement have greatly contributed to the problem,” said Kersop.

“By failing to take action, the municipality is in breach of legislation which includes the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 and the Constitution of South Africa,” Kersop added.

AfriForum will continue to monitor the situation to ensure legislation is complied with.

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