Shihan Albert Venter awarded 6th Dan

After hosting the TSKKIA All styles and completing the Shotokan Karate Home Training DVD set. Founder and Chief Instructor Shihan Albert Venter was awarded 6th Dan. Teaching and promoting the TSKKIA Federation all over the country it has grown in to a recognized Federation and the only one to be officially recognized by IAI {The International Associations of Instructors} and K.F.C.F {The Karate For Christ Federation}. He has been credited to be the writer of the TSKKIA weapons Syllabus and training Program as well as developing the TSKKIA weapons Katas he also wrote the Pre school grading system . He already holding the highest Dan grading in TSKKIA Ken & Iai Jitsu. Because TSKKIA has experts of different styles affiliated to it, TSKKIA offers the best of Shotokan Karate, Tang Soo Do, Ju – Jitsu, Judo, Grappling and Ken & IAI Jutsu. Shihan Albert believes that no style is beter than another and that all styles can work and learn from each other. Mutual respect and dedication towards ouer students is what is most important. And to dedicate every action, every word to ouer Lord Jesus. Shihan Albert gives classes at the Rustenburg Methodist Church, Hartbeespoort Meerhof and at his private studio in Frederick Clous 17 Rustenburg. You can see him in action just Google TSKKIA. Or visit the TSKKIA web page on We welcome all to contact Shihan Albert at or 082 463 1073.

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