Cango Wildlife Ranch boasts another first!

Over the past ten years, the slow decline of tourism numbers throughout the Klein Karoo has been obvious to all in the industry.  The unstable world-economy and the past few years of recession, have dramatically affect South African Tourism… and its ripple effect has impacted heavily on Oudtshoorn’s tourism. Over and above that, Oudtshoorn has further had to contend with the challenges of Avian outbreaks, pass closures and competing with new coastal attractions. However Cango Wildlife Ranch owner, Andrew Eriksen came up with yet another unique attraction in the hopes of drawing people back to the Klein Karoo town. The need for something new…something fresh…and something unforgettable was on the cards…

After a large investment, months of planning, designing, building and planting the Cango Wildlife Ranch presents to you another first in all of AFRICA!


Built at a total cost of R2 million, the world class Lemur Falls at Cango Wildlife Ranch is the only interactive lemur exhibit on the continent! The exhibit themed to replicate a Madagascan forest… is entered by crossing a large river teaming with bird life such as spoonbills and whistling ducks – which are native to the exotic island…while volcanic rock waterfalls provide an impressive backdrop to the indigenous Betselio Village bordering the primeval forest. As you glance across the forest you will see dozens of piercing eyes staring back at you from the high indigenous Madagascan trees. The ranch houses 3 species of lemurs, from the ring-tails to the black and white ruffs as well as the brown lemurs.

Intense preparation went into creating the state-of-the-art night enclosures to ensure the well being of these special primates and their unique needs. No expense was spared including climate-control, under-floor heating and the highest quality finishes. The ranch even hired professional movie artists to create the surreal Madagascan scenery and artwork surrounding the forest.

Cango Wildlife ranch has also proudly entered into an agreement with the Madagascan Fauna Group – whereby a portion of the funds generated through the lemur encounter programs will be donated to the MFG (Madagascar Fauna Group) to go towards their conservation efforts regarding the saving of lemurs inMadagascar.

LemurFallsis also open to children 6 years and older ensuring that Oudtshoorn can provide entertainment opportunities for those of all ages. This novel encounter opportunity is a great experience for the whole family and for any day of the year! ThroughLemurFalls, the ranch also hopes to have a positive influence on tourism in Little Karoo by offering guests a number of unique experiences at one venue.

The ranch’s goal is to continually improve and grow while promoting education through conservation.LemurFallsis just one more step towards enhancing their product of Oudtshoorn to national and international travelers while conserving species who don’t have a voice of their own. Visitors who have experienced this unforgettable encounter, walk away with unforgettable memories and love in their hearts! And where better to love a lemur… than Lemur Falls!!!

Joan Shaw, CEO of Greater Oudtshoorn Tourism said: “We are thrilled to have an additional attraction that will enable us to keep visitors in the area for longer.  More attractions mean more bed-nights and tourism rands for accommodation and restaurant members.  It is also encouraging to see the financial investment and commitment that is being shown in the area, proving that our members believe in the tourism growth potential of the town.”

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