Vox Telecom supports South Africa’s broadband initiatives

Vox Telecom is currently in the process of launching South Africa’s first Ka-band broadband satellite service. YahClick from Vox is the perfect product with which to support Government’s plans to increase Internet penetration throughout SA.

“We’ve realised that economic growth in rural communities is being hampered because there is little or poor access to the Internet,” says Jacques Visser, the YahClick Project Manager from Vox Telecom. “The Department of Agricultural and Rural Development in the Free State has recently launched a new plan to bring high speed internet to the province. It’s difficult for businesses to remain competitive outside of large commercial hubs as they have to pay up to 20% more than their counterparts in the cities, just to use basic business tools such as Internet or email.”

Vox recently joined with the Middle East’s largest satellite company, Yahsat, to launch Y1-B, a Ka-band satellite that will give users in rural communities access to reliable, affordable broadband satellite services.

“It’s great news for SA that there are major fibre cables hitting our shores, but the problem is that the increased bandwidth and speeds aren’t getting businesses in outlying areas. These businesses desperately need reliable access to applications that most of us take for granted – like VoIP, video conferencing or even Skype. The tourism industry is perhaps affected the most – overseas visitors expect wireless Internet access when they visit guest lodges and farms.”

The new service from Vox, called YahClick, can be installed within a matter of days and will vary in costs, starting at less than R200 per month and ranging in speed from 512kps up to 15Mbps.  It will also positively impact users in the city as it will act as a backup service at times where their usual connection goes offline due to cable theft or a loss of signal.

YahClick will be distributed through existing @lantic and Vox Telecom sales channels, as well as through more than regional technical staff.

The satellite sent its first signal to Gautengon the 11th of June as part of an intensive, pre-launch test period. “At the moment we’re working closely with first-phase customers to test the product in the field. We’re extremely happy with the results thus far,” Visser has said.

About Vox Telecom Limited

Vox Telecom Limited is a leading telecoms operator, providing voice and data services to the Southern African market. The Group competes through its primary brands Vox Orion, Vox Datapro, Vox Amvia, @lantic, Vox Telepreneur and Vox Pureview and has offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth as well as in Windhoek, Namibia. Vox Telecom, over the past 13 years, has established itself as one of the major players in the telecoms market and is the largest black-owned telecommunications company in South Africa. For more information go to www.voxtelecom.co.za.

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