Label Ales Now Provides Label Printers on Rental

Food and manufacturing companies in South Africa that need to print labels and barcodes can now hire label printers and barcode printers on rental from Label Ales, a specialized supplier and broker of thermal label barcode printers. Small companies that do not have label printers of their own will find this service very useful.

Label printers on rental are also a boon for growing companies that are not able to meet their label and barcode printing needs with their current printer. Investing in a new printer can be costly. If your requirements soon exceed the printing capacity offered by the one you buy then you’ll have to buy another one. Renting is the solution to this problem.

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South African companies that need more printers to meet their label barcode printing needs can now get printers on rental from Label Ales at very reasonable costs. This way they will save money without spending the amount required to purchase a new one. Label printers are very useful for companies that need to meet different types of labelling requirements over time.

About Label Ales
Label Ales is a South African broker and supplier of thermal label barcode printers. They have years of experience in the thermal label printing industry that involves printing labels, barcodes and variable information overprinting on generic labels. Label Ales provides consultation to companies to choose the right type of label and printer. Printing trials are also done at Label Ales. Companies belonging to the food, wine and manufacturing industries are regular clients. It puts customer satisfaction above everything else and focuses on supplying quality labels and printers.

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