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Hi All

I had such a successful Dinner party the other night that I just had to share these recipes with you. I was almost embarrassed at the gushing compliments afterwards (not really). There is something so wonderful about having people really enjoy your food, so take it from me, these are winners.

To all of my expat readers, you will feel very at home with these recipes.

Prime Rib Roast on the bone (not an expensive cut)

Roasting meat is really easy and prime Rib is a very flavourful cut of meat.

Potato Bake with Mushrooms

This dish really had my friends gushing


This one is always a winner and even if you “think” you don’t like Eggplant(aubergines) make it, you and your friends will love it.

Dessert was Malva Pudding with custard and thick cream

It’s not a dinner party for the health concious, but even they deserve a treat from time to time šŸ™‚

Have a fantastic weekend all.

Cheers for now


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