Nclose and Accellion remove the spikes lurking below the soft, fluffy exterior

With Apple, Google, Amazon and others placing their weight firmly behind cloud storage as the future of file sharing and synchronisation, an increasing number of people are trying this convenient new method of making their information available to themselves – and others – regardless of where they go. 

Combined with mobile access, the ease-of-use associated with services such as iCloud, Dropbox and SkyDrive has not gone unnoticed by corporate users. Keeping corporate documents in a cloud so they can be accessed from home, the office or on the road, means many sensitive and confidential pieces of information are being stored all over in multiple consumer services. At first glance, this may not seem problematic, but publicly available clouds have questionable security pedigrees, and are certainly not designed to meet the levels of control that companies would like to have over intellectual property, strategic documents and financial records. 

Many instances of security breaches in consumer-grade cloud services have been documented. For instance, all 25 million user drives in Dropbox were accessible – without passwords – for a period of just under three hours last year. 

Despite the security problems with public cloud services, the convenience offered by this form of file storage and synchronisation is hard to deny. So, what are the options available to corporations that want to benefit from an always online, always available, anywhere, secure file storage solution? 

Nclose has recently started offering Accellion Mobile File Sharing solutions. It is aimed at securing enterprise file sharing and synchronisation, bringing the benefits of enterprise file sharing and storage to corporate environments. 

To meet stringent business security demands, Accellion creates a secure cloud that is exclusively accessible by members of the organisation. Installation and configuration of new cloud environments is easy, intuitive and takes no more than a few minutes. Accellion also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and other enterprise security solutions. 

While Accellion excels at cloud-based security, it is also configurable in order to operate in a hybrid environment – securing public cloud and onsite, virtual file sharing and synchronisation environments. 

“Cloud-based mobile file sharing is a great innovation, but companies must carefully consider its use before it causes harm to their business,” says Martin Potgieter, Nclose director. “Nclose is pleased to be able to offer a solution that makes cloud and mobile file sharing safe and secure for companies, and we are very excited by the flexibility and ease-of-use that it offers to all levels of users. Accellion is a shining example of the kind of technology that simply gets out of the way – allowing companies to go about their business with ease.” 

“Working with Nclose inSouth Africawill offer valuable IT security expertise to Accellion’s customers and help drive Accellion’s continued growth and expansion into this exciting new market,” says Paul Steiner, managing director for Accellion. 


Accellion is a profitable, well-funded, private company that provides enterprise-class mobile file sharing solutions to enable secure, anytime, anywhere access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance. More than 10 million users and 1 600 of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies use Accellion to protect intellectual property, ensure compliance, improve business productivity and reduce IT costs. Accellion file sharing solutions can be deployed on public, private and hybrid cloud environments and provide the ease-of-use business users need while giving the enterprise organisation the flexibility, scalability and protection it needs. For more information, please visit or contact Nclose on (0860) NCLOSE (625 673). Follow Accellion’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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