Ross Taylor Surf Competition hands over cheque for R121 000 to Hospice

Janet Stanford and Brett Steagamann

Ross Taylor 2012-08-19

Thank you to everyone involved for this wonderful support. It means a great deal to us at hospice not only in funding our services but also in confirming to our staff and volunteers that our work has value.

Our services mean that over 200 people can count on hospice to care for them in their homes. Recently the frequent requests from people in desperate need have resulted in the extension of  our services as far as Wilderness in the West and to Plettenberg Bay for some patients who are not catered for by the wonderful CANSA team there.

I am reading Tim Noakes’s book called Challenging Beliefs where he describes the joy of discovering surfing after finding it difficult to fit in to rugby and cricket at school. He says “the pleasure of surfing is difficult to describe. Surfing allows one simply to be oneself. It taught me many things, including independence. I felt the pleasure of knowing that it was good to be alive.”

The fact that the organisers of the Ross Taylor surfing event can take the memory of Ross and the pleasure of being alive and turn it into such an immensely successful fundraiser for hospice results in such a perfect fit that everyone enjoys it and we and our patients are immensely grateful. I know that you would be embarrassed by  lavish thank you gifts, but we really need you all to understand how grateful we are, so what I suggest is that we plant a tree for Ross in our lovely garden on arbour day as a token of our appreciation.

Dr Janet Stanford Knysna Sedgefield Hospice CEO/Medical Director

Photos:  Elle Redman []

Lynne Barnhorn, Janet Stanford, Megan Franz, Brett Steagamann, Adela Steagamann, Cecely Van Heerden ,Julie Pragnall, Sandra Nortje, Anthea Smith, Nicky Goodall , Front – Marissa Smuts.
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