South African Businesses Make A Come Back

While there are still some reasons to be cautious (think Greece, European meltdown), it is becoming clear that South African business is making a comeback. The gritty resolve and dogged determination of many owners of small and medium sized businesses across the country has seen them through a truly awful period in our economic history. So for those with the ability and fortitude to make the necessary decisions over that period, their businesses are now lean and profitable and in many cases, with fewer competitors. We are seeing businesses everyday that are now coming to market because their profitability has returned.

It has been a particularly challenging time for older business owners who prior to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) had planned to exit their business, but by necessity have had to stick it out longer than planned. We are seeing many of these owners asking LINK to appraise their businesses with a view to divesting. So we would like to tip our hat to the hardy South African businessmen and women who have made it through and who have said “I won’t back down”.

If you are a business owner in the Garden Route and you are thinking of selling your business, please feel free to contact us for a FREE , confidential, no obligation valuation of your business.

LINK Garden Route has a huge database of serious qualified cash buyers looking for business opportunities in the Southern Cape area.

Karen Dorfling

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