A Weekly Meeting for Business Networking in Table View

Business owners in Table View who want to enhance their business opportunities can now attend weekly meetings organized by West Coast Network (WCN) on Wednesdays. Every week WCN members get together at the News Cafe, Table View, Beachfront at 6:50 am. The purpose of these group meetings is to help business owners understand whether or not they can profit from becoming a part this network.

South African businesses that are already looking for trustworthy and reliable referral networks can check out the WCN website to know about the companies they refer. The company effectively utilizes “word of mouth” promotions to help its member organizations. Customers often choose products and services from companies that are a part of a network, rather than those working independently. WCN covers around 40 types of businesses in its network which is a good opportunity for many companies to get good referrals from established organizations.

For more information on business networking opportunities in Table View, visit http://www.wcn.co.za/.

South African companies can now attend early morning group meetings conducted by West Coast Network (WCN) to find out how they can increase their profits through networking with the right businesses. These meetings take place every Wednesday at 6:50 am at News Cafe, Table View, Beachfront where business persons can meet WCN members to know the benefits of business networking.

About West Coast Network
Established in April 2000, West Coast Network (WCN) is a South Africa based business referral network. The company was founded with the goal of supporting businesses in the referral group by connecting their members at the right time and with the right people. What has been traditionally known as “word of mouth” advertising has been successfully used by WCN to make the most of business opportunities for its members.

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Table View
Western Cape
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Telephone: 021 557 5996
Fax: 086 6342063

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