Nampak makes Trekking for Trash possible

JOHANNESBURG, 22 August  2012 – Nampak Bevcan, Nampak DivFood and Collect-a-Can are pleased to announce their joint title sponsorship of the ‘Trekking for Trash’ initiative under the CAN DO umbrella which kicks off in October 2012.

‘Trekking for Trash’ is a courageous 3000km trek on foot by social adventurers Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard along the South African coast line from Alexander Bay on the Namibian border, to Kosi Bay on the Mozambican border. The trek will take approximately seven months and will see the duo collecting and recycling litter while engaging with and educating communities along the way. The intention of this expedition is to get people to notice the amount of litter in our country and to create an awareness of the impact it has on the environment so that they will ultimately stop littering.

Nampak’s sponsorship of CAN DO Trekking for Trash includes financial, product and strategic support. “We believe that lending our support to this project is not only necessary, but it meets our commitment to recycling, which is our businesses’ license to exist,” comments Erik Smuts, Managing Director of Nampak Bevcan.

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Editorial Contacts:

Aurelle Franks

About CAN DO Trekking for Trash:

CAN DO Trekking for Trash is sponsored by Nampak Bevcan, Nampak DivFood and Collect-a-Can as the lead sponsors under the CANdo umbrella. Hi-Tec, Nokia, Energizer and Vodacom are the secondary sponsors and Live Eco is the media sponsor. Trekking for Trash is a non-profit organization, with the aim of getting South Africans to stop littering by raising awareness through educating and inspiring change about the challenge of recyclable waste plaguing the coast-line of South Africa.  Through a 3 000km walk along the coastline of country, CAN DO Trekking for Trash aims to promote a cleaner South Africa by conducting beach clean ups and inviting ordinary South Africans to participate in the project.

About Nampak

Nampak offers the most comprehensive packaging product range, across multiple industries throughout Africa, manufacturing to the highest commercial and environmental standards in metal, glass, paper and plastic.

About Nampak Bevcan:

Nampak Bevcan, Nampak’s beverage can making division, is trusted to supply leading global brands throughout the Southern African beverage industry.

About Nampak DivFood:

Nampak DivFood is the leading tin can supplier to the canned food industry in South Africa. We also supply a large range of diversified products including aerosol, paint, general line cans and promotional (decorative) tinware. 

About Collect-a-Can:

Collect-a-Can was established in 1993 to pro-actively address the steel beverage can industry’s share of responsibility pertaining to the ever increasing environmental needs of the region.  Collect-a-Can is dedicated to ensuring that used metal cans and consequently tinplate, exist in harmony with the environment.  Over the past 19 years, Collect-a-Can has been at the forefront of minimizing the negative impact of used beverage cans on the environment. We have subsequently been involved in the recovery of all scrap tinplate generated in the tinplate and can-making processes, including sludge, cut-offs (skeletons), misprints, sub-standard fills, and most importantly the recovery of used metal cans.

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