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Bradley Carolus

The SWD Cricket Academy, currently on tour in the Eastern Cape, produced satisfactory results in preparation for the Cricket South Africa Academies tournament that will be hosted in Oudtshoorn from 10-13 September 2012. They won two of their four limited over fixtures that were played in East London and Alice respectively. 

In the first match against the Border Academy that was played at BuffaloPark in East London on Thursday SWD scored 213/9 but the home team replied with 215/2 for an eight wicket victory. In the second match on Friday Gareth Dukes (7/18) and Marcello Piedt (3/32) were in awesome form with the ball when Border was dismissed for only 64. SWD replied with 67/4 for a comprehensive 6 wicket victory. 

Gareth Dukes

In the first match at Alice which was played on Sunday the Border Fort Hare Academy defeated SWD by 712 runs.  Fort Hare scored 281/7 and dismissed SWD for only 109. SWD, however fought back and won the second encounter by 8 runs after a great bowling performance by Gurshwin Sparks (4/32) and Dukes (2/39). SWD, thanks to a valuable contribution by Kobus Scholtz (59) scored 209/9 and dismissedFortHarefor 201. 

SWD will conclude their tour with a three day match against the Eastern Province Academy in Port Elizabeth from 22-25 August. 

The summarised score sheets are: 

Match 1: SWD vs Border

SWD 213/9 (Gurshwin Sparks 45, Bradley Carolus 30, Pienaar Buys 30, Marcello Piedt 29)

Border 215/2

Border won by 8 wickets 

Match 2: SWD vs Border

Border 64 (Gareth Dukes 7/18, Marcello Piedt 3/32)

SWD 67/4 (Kobus Scholtz 27*)

SWD won by 6 wickets 

Match 3: SWD vs Fort Hare

FortHare281/7 (Marcello Piedt 3/41, Bronwill Goeda 2/54)

SWD 109 (Bradley Carolus 32, Kobus Scholtz 23, Garth Dukes 20)

Fort Hare won by 172 runs 

Match 4: SWD vs Fort Hare

SWD 209/9 (Kobus Scholtz 59, Bradley Carolus 28, Gareth Dukes 26, James Marais 25*)

FortHare201 (Gurshwin Sparks 4/32, Gareth Dukes 2/39, James Marais 2/54)

SWD won by 8 runs


21 August 2012

The CSA Academies tournament will be hosted in Oudtshoorn from 10-13 September 2012. The six participating teams are: Boland Academy, Border Mercedes Benz Academy, EasternProvince Academy, Western Province Academy, and South Western Districts Academy and Border Fort Hare Academy. 

The SWD Cricket Board, which will host the event, released the fixtures this past week. 

Day 1: Monday 10 September 2012: 50 Overs format

•EP vs Border (REC Ground)

•WP vs Border Fort Hare Academy (Bridgton)

•SWD vs Boland (Langenhoven Gymnasium)

Day 2: Tuesday 11 September 2012: Twenty20 Format: First Session

•EP vs Border Fort Hare Academy (REC Ground)

•WP vs Boland (Bridgton)

•SWD vs Border (Military Sport Club)

Day 2: Tuesday 11 September 2012: Twenty20 Format: Second Session

•SWD vs WP (REC Ground)

•Boland vs EP (Bridgton)

•Border Fort Hare Academy vs Border (Military Sport Club)

Day 3: Wednesday 12 September 2012: 50 Overs Format

•Boland vs Border (REC Ground)

•SWD vs Border Fort Hare Academy(Bridgton)

•WP vs EP (Langenhoven Gymnasium)

Day 4: Thursday 13 September 2012: 50 Overs Format

•EP vs SWD (REC Ground)

•WP vs Border (Bridgton)

•Border Fort Hare Academy vs Boland (Military Sport Club)

Start & Cessation Times

50 overs per Batting Team

a. First Session:10:00 – 13:30

b. Lunch Break:13:30 – 14:00

c. Second Session:14:00 – 17:30 

Morning Session: 20 overs per Batting Team

a. First Session:10:00 – 11:20

b. Interval:11:20 – 11:40

c. Second Session:11:40 – 13:00 

Afternoon Session: 20 overs per Batting Team

a. First Session:14:00 – 15:20

b. Interval:15:20 – 15:40

c. Second Session:15:40 – 17:00 


As part of the South Western Districts Cricket Board (SWDCB) development plan an emphasis has being placed on the development of Black Africans cricketers in the province. Its only being four seasons since the SWDCB has being running the program. Both Thembalethu Cricket Club and Bongolethu Cricket Club finished third in their respective legs of the promotion league and in both seasons. Thembalethu has participated in the T20 competition they made it to the second phase of the competition this statistics if great when compared to most promotion league clubs that has being participating for longer in the structures. The completion of facilities in Thembalethu, Bongolethu and Kwanonqaba is also a huge step forward in the quest to ensure the interest of the game increases in the communities. 

The SWDCB has also targeted its third demographic area in Mossel Bay, this shows the commitment of the Board to the development in the Black African communities. The extension of the program to Bitou (Plettenberg Bay) is also part of the planning process for the 2012/13 season. The program was recently launched in the Bitou region. 

Present at the first meeting were: Johan Weyers (Amateur Manager SWDCB), Vuyani Maloi (Black African cricket forum representative at the SWDCB Executive Committee), Ms Nontombi Cekeshe (Chris Nissen Primary School), Mr Mthob Fihla (Chris Nissen Primary School), Ms Phumlan Nosilela (Percy Mdala High School), Mr Vyani July (Phakamsani Primary School) and Luthando Somngesi (SWDCB Schools Cricket Co-ordinator)



Wittedrift High AurialCollege
Knysna High Beaufort West Combine
Parkdene Secondary Langenhoven Gymnasium
Outeniqua High Fezekile Secondary
OakhillSchool Sentraal High
PlettenbergBaySecondary Morester High
PW Botha College Dysselsdorp Secondary
MurrayHigh Bridgton Secondary


Oakdale Agricultural School Imizamo Yethu Secondary
Kairos Secondary YorkHigh
Sao Bras UniondaleHigh
Point High Pacalsdorp Secondary
Langenhoven High Oudtshoorn High
Indwe High George Secondary
Albertinia High Thembalethu High
Heidelburg High Glenwood House

Important information:
A minimum of 4 overs of spin is required.
Match result cards must be submitted a day after the completion of a match. (fax no: 044-2726294)
The use of protective gear is compulsory.
Balls and Umpires will be provided by SWD.

10 Oct 2012 Group A Wittedrift High vs PW Botha College Knysna High vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary Parkdene Secondary vs Oakhill Skill Murray High vs Outeniqua High
Group B AurialCollegevs Dysselsdorp Secondary Beaufort West Combine vs Morester High Bridgton Secondary vs Fezekile Secondary  
Group C OakdaleAgriSchoolvs Albertinia High Kairos Secondary vs Indwe High Sao Bras vs Langenhoven High Heidelburg High vs Point High
Group D Imizamo Yethu vs Thembalethu High York High vs George Secondary Uniondale High vs Oudtshoorn High Glenwood House vs Pacalsdorp Secondary
15 Oct 2012 Group A PW Botha College vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary Wittedrift High vsOakhillSchool Knysna High vs Outeniqua High Parkdene Secondary vs Murray High
Group B Dysselsdorp Secondary vs Morester High AurialCollegevs Sentraal High Beaufort West vs Fezekile Secondary Langenhoven Gym vs Bridgton Secondary
Group C Albertinia High vs Indwe High OakdaleAgriSchoolvs Langenhoven High Kairos Secondary vs Point High Sao Bras vs Heidelburg High
Group D Thembalethu High vs George Secondary Imizamo Yethu vs Oudtshoorn High York High vs Pacalsdorp Secondary Uniondale High vs Glenwood House
17 Oct 2012 Group A Plettenberg Bay Secondary vsOakhillSchool PW Botha College vs Outeniqua High Wittedrift High vs Parkdene Secondary Murray High vs Knysna High
Group B Morester High vs Sentraal Dysselsdorp vs Fezekile Sec AurialCol.vs Lang Gym Bridgton vs Beaufort West
Group C Indwe High vs Langenhoven High Albertinia High vs Point High OakdaleAgriSchoolvs Sao Bras Heidelburg High vs Kairos Secondary
Group D George Secondary vs Oudtshoorn High Thembalethu High vs Pacalsdorp Secondary Imizamo Yethu vs Uniondale High Glenwood House vs York High
22 Oct 2012 Group A OakhillSchoolvs Outeniqua High Plettenberg Bay Secondary vs Parkdene Secondary PW Botha College vs Knysna High Wittedrift High vs Murray High
Group B Sentraal High vs Fezekile Secondary Morester High vs Langenhoven Gymnasium Dysselsdorp Secondary vs Beaufort West Combine AurialCollegevs Bridgton Secondary
Group C Langenhoven High vs Point High Indwe High vs Sao Bras Albertinia High vs Kairos Secondary OakdaleAgriSchoolvs Heidelburg High
Group D Oudtshoorn High vs Pacalsdorp Secondary Geroge Secondary vs Uniondale High Thembalethu High vs York High Imizamo Yethu vs Glenwood House
24 Oct 2012 Group A Outeniqua High vs Parkdene Secondary OakhillSchoolvs Knysna High Plettenberg Bay Secondary vs Wittedrift High PW Botha College vs Murray High
Group B Fezekile Secondary vs Langenhoven Gymnasium Sentraal High vs Beaufort West Combine Morester High vsAurialCollege Dysseldorp Secondary vs Bridgton Secondary
Group C Poitn High vs Sao Bras Langenhoven High vs Kairos Secondary Indwe High vsOakdaleAgriSchool Albertinia High vs Heidelburg High
Group D Pacalsdorp Seconddary vs Uniondale High Oudtshoorn High vs York High George Secondary vs Imizamo Yethu Thembalethu High vs Glenwood House
29 Oct 2012 Group A Parkdene Secondary vs Knysna High Outeniqua High vs Wittedrift High OakhillSchoolvs PW Botha College Murray High vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary
Group B Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Beaufort West Combine Fezekile Secondary vsAurialCollege Sentraal High vs Dysselsdorp Secondary Bridgton Secondary vs Morester High
Group C Sao Bras vs Kairos Secondary Point High vsOakdaleAgriSchool Langenhoven High vs Albertinia High Heidelburg High vs Indwe High
Group D Uniondale High vs York High Pacalsdorp Secondary vs Imizamo Yethu Oudtshoorn High vs Thembalethu High Glenwood House vs George Secondary
31 Oct 2012 Group A Knysna High vs Wittedrift High Parkdene Secondary vs PW Botha College Outeniqua High vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary OakhillSchoolvs Murray High
Group B Beaufort West Combine vsAurialCollege Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Dysselsdorp Secondary Fezekile Secondary vs Morester High Sentraal High vs Bridgton Secndary
Group C Kairos Secondary vsOakdaleAgriSchool Sao Bras vs Albertinia High Point High vs Indwe High Langenhoven High vs Heidelburg High
Group D York High vs Imizamo Yethu Uniondale High vs Thembalethu High Pacalsdorp Secondary vs George Secondary Oudtshoorn High vs Glenwood House
16 Jan 2013 Group A        
Group B Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Sentraal      
Group C        
Group D        

SWD Schools Cricket T20 Competition Knock-Out Stages

23 January 2013 Quarter Final 1 Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group D
Quarter Final 2 Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group C
Quarter Final 3 Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group B
Quarter Final 4 Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group A
30 January 2013 1st Semi Final Winner 1 vs Winner 2
2nd Semi Final Winner 3 vs Winner 4
06 February 2013 Final Winner 1st vs Winner 2nd (Recreation Ground)
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