Forestry Solutions presents advanced “Wildfire and Control” course



(Including the use of fire to fight fire)

Presented by Dr. Neels de Ronde

Forestry Solutions will be presenting an advanced open Wildfire Assessment and Control Course for fire managers and disaster managers in the Fynbos Biome. The course will be presented in George (Pine Lodge) from the 16 –18th October 2012, by Dr Neels de Ronde, one of the leading fire experts both inSouth Africaand globally. This first course will be “fynbos vegetation based” as this is the main natural vegetation type for theCapeRegions. However, fuel models and examples will not be restricted to fynbos, but also cover forestry, conservation (with or without invaders) and agricultural sectors with practical examples.

The course will start with an introduction to fuel dynamics. All contributing parameters will be considered when wildfire assessment is discussed. Some practical fire simulation work will also be done on notebooks. The second part of the course will be about counter fire applications, the correct and wrong ways of its use, with practical examples provided.

The course is applicable to people ranging from incident command’s (IC’s) to fire bosses, to forest and conservation managers, and from fire brigade managers to pilots and all other organizations involved in fighting fires, even if not in a full time capacity, trainers included.

Dr. Neels de Ronde has during a life-time career in forestry, veld and forest fire ecology, management and wildfire investigations; been building up a wealth of local experience he wishes to share, particularly as he has been experiencing a lack of knowledge about the subject. Not only has he found that wrong fire management actions have sometimes more than doubled fire damage, but he has observed (and many times investigated) the loss of life of more than 50 fire fighters and other persons.

For more information, please contact Ronalda McEwan on 083 2671317 or

August 2012

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