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Prep Art Exhibition

Every year I find it almost impossible to make a selection of art works for the local Young Artist’s Exhibition held at the Knysna Art Gallery at the Old Gaol Museum. I make a large selection, and I then enlist the help of Amy Nuttall, our College Art teacher, and any other available teacher, to assist in choosing my limit of ten pieces. (This year I snuck in an extra two!)

Our exhibition this year consisted of Nina Fioravanti’s ‘fishing boat’ painting (Amy wants to steal it), Emma Gibson’s ‘favorite thing in the world’ (reading in bed with her cat), Catherine Donnell’s ‘pit of snakes’ (sweet ones), Alexa Shutte’s beautiful vase of flowers, Hannah Verrier’s ‘watching a play’, Hannah Micklewood’s ‘picnic plate’, Gemma Kilian, Robin Pieterse, Joscelin Fogle, and Courtney Austin’s’ storm at sea’ (inspired by a Grade Six poetry lesson), Nathan Austin’s beautiful ‘winter tree’ and Francine Olivier’s ‘landscape of the school’.

Put together, the childrens’ creations made a superb display and we received many compliments. Congratulations to Joscelin Fogle and Catherine Donnell, who received gift vouchers from Bargain Books for their beautiful works of art.

Report: Julie Stevenson

More Prep Hockey

Oakhill Prep Hockey players filled 4 buses and headed off to Sedgefield on Wednesday the 22 August. The excitement, both on and off the fields, was tangible, with hockey balls everywhere and the sound of whistles and calls of “PASS” filling the air. The Oakhill teams played great hockey and many of the games were tightly contested.  The buses were filled with many proud coaches and tired but satisfied players, reflecting on a job well done, as we made our way back to Oakhill that evening.

 Report : Stef Weyers

Oakhill’s 2012 SRC Food Evening and Interact Fashion Show

SRC Food Evening

If the Oakhill 2012 SRC Food Evening could be summed up in two words, it would be: “Sensory Adventure”. The sights, sounds and smells experienced in our quad on the 23rd August made your eyes wish they were cameras, your ears wish they were recorders and your nose wish it could take goodie bags home.

Taste buds were thoroughly tantalised by the spread of glorious food available. The Grade 8’s representedIndiaand made an assortment of wonderful curries, packed with warmth and excellent flavours. The Grade 9’s sold vegetable and chicken spring rolls that left the customers begging for more. The vegetarians and vegans amongst us were extremely happy to be catered for and were able to enjoy an amazing meal. The Grade 9’s also made beef, carrot, spring onion and ginger dumplings to truly depict the essence ofChina. Our very own Mandarin Chinese teacher, Mrs Hu, taught me, Kristin Groenewald, and a fellow Grade 9, Andrew Vedder, to make them. After a cooking class, we went home and made them all by ourselves! So, we are not only learning the fascinating language, but experiencing the entirety of the Chinese culture. Hopefully, we continue to progress with both. Mrs Hu tasted our finished works and gave our first culinary attempt a proud thumbs up!

The Grade 10’s representedAmericaand made succulent burgers that made your tongue dance as if it was a dreamer on the streets ofNew Yorkthat had just made its big break. The Grade 11’s created a festival of flavours as they representedMexicoand made scrumptious wraps with fresh, scarlet tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, creamy cheese and either chicken or mince. The Grade 12’s gave us a taste of home, as they represented the one and only rainbow nation,South Africa! What do we love more, than a juicy boerewors roll on buns so soft they could be the world’s best pillows and your choice of sauce? As the braai smoke cleared, we could truly see and appreciate the portrayal of the country we love so much with its many cultures, colours, lexicons and passionate spirit. All in all, it was delectably, deliciously divine! Variety truly is the spice of life.

The food evening was the result of teamwork, hard work, dedication, organisation and epic entertainment from the students and their teachers. It was an evening where loved ones could come together, friends and family, to cherish and enjoy quality time with one another.

The Interact Fashion Show

After enjoying a phenomenal dinner, we were all treated to a mesmerising Fashion Show. The theme for this year… Cirque de Fashion!

The Hall was beautifully decorated with red and white rings, colourful, triangular banners and patterns. However, the reds were not just reds; they were the colour of bursting blossoms. The whites were not just whites; they were the colour of vanilla ice cream. The pinks were like candyfloss, the blues a combination of the purest part of the sky and the deepest part of the ocean, the yellows like custard coloured butterfly wings. The whole place seemed immersed in magic.

Our MC’s for the night (yes, plural), Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters, introduced us to a myriad acts, ranging from Grades 10 to 12. Drama student, Liza Combrinck, introduced us to magicians, mimes, men of incredible strength and a dancer with a dream. We had the privilege of listening to the voices and instrumental accompaniments of incredible musicians at Oakhill. Our very own classmates were transformed into Kings and Queens of Fashion as they modelled clothes from Beluga and Crush, Mr Price and Edgars. Our new and talented Interact President, Robyn Seager, got to display her very own designs! She designed a fashion line and got to model her own clothes and have her clothes modelled by some of her friends. Another highlight of the evening was seeing the teachers step into the spotlight! To mention a few: Mr Kidwell, Mr Raynor, Mrs Brown, Ms Barnard, Mrs Bouwer, Mrs Cloete, Ms Mayne, Mr van Straten and Mr Langman showed us a whole new side of our teachers that ensured that everyone in the room couldn’t stop smiling.

The Fashion Show was a night of brilliant self-expression and unbelievable creativity. It gave everyone a boost of confidence, special memories of fun and joy and presented truly talented individuals with the opportunity to share their gifts.

by: Kristin Groenewald

u8 Soccer Festival

A busy season just got busier as Oakhill hosted its first Soccer festival for the term. Stepping Stones and Montessori joined us on our Astro to enjoy a happy encounter. The competition was won by ……….. no-one could remember ………. we just had so much fun!

Report: Stef Weyers

Water Polo Season is here

First day of Water Polo training today,28 August 2012.

The pool looks really inviting on this sunny cloudless day but by the time I got there, the girls were already out the pool, blue with cold.

Penny Foyn

Little Oaks Teddy Bears Picnic Project 

Click on this link for the Little Oaks Knitted Bears Pattern

Term 3: Week 7 


Coaches Corner/PennyPinchersCrossCountryMountainBike Race

Amy Williams was placed 1st Youth Female and went onto secure 1st place overall in the SWD Mountain Bike Cross Country series as well as 1st place overall in the SWD Mountain Bike Enduro series.


The Following students have been Invited to the African Goju Ryu Karate Federation Champs on 5 &6 October 2012:  Josh Nel, Callam Tait, Chandre Strydom and Matthew Young.


Results vs Wittedrift


Lost 5 – 7


Lost 18 – 2


Men’s League vs Outeniqua

1st Boys

Won 2 – 0

M.o.m: Chris Marrow


1st Boys vs Wittedrift

Lost 26 – 0


37kmPre-BreedeRiverRace in Swellendam

Michaela Beers: raced in the  K1 category and made the top 10 in the River Race.  Well done for continuing to put yourself and Oakhill on the map.


Inter-House Competition

Well done to Millwood for winning the House with the most entries for Tyres & Takkies, they were closely followed by Bendigo and Jubilee coming 3rd.  The turnout was good and the atmosphere was amazing.  It was a fun-filled day with lots of activities for all to enjoy.

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