Small Business VoIP Gateways by Linksys Now Available at uThetha

Small business owners in South Africa can now benefit from the low cost telecommunication solutions provided by uThetha. Companies that do not have PABX can now enable telecommunications through VoIP gateways and Analogue Terminal Adapters (ATA) launched by Linksys. Business owners can place orders for Linksys VoIP gateways and ATAs on the uThetha website.

Companies that have analogue phones and landlines can make use of Linksys analogue terminal adapters and VoIP gateways to make the most of the current hardware they have. It is very useful for companies that do not have enough resources to shift to the latest communications systems in their offices. Thus, they are able to adapt to the latest technology and connect with the world without having to pay through their noses.

VoIP gateways by Linksys work perfectly with FXO (Foreign eXchange Station) line ports and traditional phones. ATAs are required for successful communication through fax machines and analogue phones. Linksys is a leading solution provider in the telecommunications industry. Linksys products can be ordered online on the uThetha website.

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VoIP gateways and analogue terminal adapters are useful for small companies that cannot afford to revamp their telecommunications hardware overnight. Such companies can effectively utilize the latest communication technology compatible with old hardware. It is made possible by Linksys VoIP gateways and ATAs.

About uThetha:
Established in 2005, uThetha is one of the leading telecommunications systems integrators in South Africa. Small, medium and large companies that need telecommunications products and services can get in touch with uThetha. Communication solutions, consulting and call saving services are provided by the company. uThetha combines its knowledge of the IT sector and traditional PABX systems to offer efficient services to all its clients.

Contact Details:
89 Hugo Street
Goodwood, 7460
T+27 (0)21 597-2660
F+27 (0)21 597-2661

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