EDGE of AFRICA: encouraging empowerment by promoting self-worth & education through responsible eco-tourism

Founded by Dayne Davey in 2007 as a response to personally experiencing the potential impact that volunteers can have in a local community, EDGE of AFRICA’s main objective was to contribute towards conservation putting emphasis on community-conservation projects. Within the first year, it became clear that there was a great need in various sectors of the local community for support and specialised assistance. EDGE of AFRICA stepped in and began forming strong bonds with the local people and various organisations and by the end of 2007, EDGE of AFRICA had established community, sports and medical projects which were run solely by the goodwill of volunteers and a small EDGE of AFRICA team. To this day they maintain those strong relationships and have become a respected name in the local communities they are involved in. The enthusiastic and specialised team are dedicated to their project work and making EDGE of AFRICA volunteer experiences unforgettable.

“We are a passionate, hands on team and we all distil our passion for Africa’s community and environment in each volunteer joining our mission. EDGE of AFRICA relies on a growing network of specialists based worldwide. The core team includes conservation specialists: Biologists, Zoologists and Field Guides, community workers: Qualified Nurses, Social Workers and Teachers, to name a few. Close relationships with local people in every project field are carefully nurtured and constant updates with the local councils, researchers and community members ensure the support of reliable, sustainable projects. Not only this but we have dedicated and caring staff to run our volunteer accommodation and give our volunteers an unforgettable experience in Africa” states Davey, “I am extremely proud to see what EDGE of AFRICA has become over the last few years. Our team of local and international individuals continuously surprises me with their dedication and support. Without our volunteers we would not exist and we would not have such an outstanding record of achievement. Working with the staff and volunteers there is a sense of family, long lasting friendships and mutual respect- something I really enjoy experiencing. They are a hard working group of people with the same vision in mind: To make a difference, and enjoy doing it! I always hope that volunteers who join our projects will leave with a feeling that they have not only contributed to something long-term and worthwhile, but they have learnt about the African soul and taken away life long memories from this beautiful continent”

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