iBooknow.com Accepting Hotel Room Reservations For South Africa’s 2012- 2013 Winter Season

iBooknow.com has instantly confirmed hotel room bookings in all major destinations acrossSouth Africafor the 2012 – 2013 winter season. Book early and get the deepest discounts available without any hidden charges or fees.

iBooknow.com loves to travel as much as anyone else and this year we are going toSouth Africa, we invite you all to come along. Joburg,Cape Town,Durban, or theTransvaal we are sure you will enjoy your South African holiday.

South Africais affordable, abundant in natural beauty, has world-class hotels and attractions, and the weather is great for kinds of activities. South African beaches are sunny and clean; the country side is rich in natural flora and fauna, and its history rich in culture and diversity, a diversity that is evident in the eleven official languages spoken there. Known as The Rainbow Nation,South Africainvites everyone to celebrate and see just how friendly everyone can be.

Best known for its natural habitatSouth Africais the adventure capital of the world and game viewing safaris is not the only thing they are famous for. iBooknow.com has found the mountain trekking, scuba and shark cage-diving, surfing, golfing, whale watching, shopping, casinos and nightlife, as well as wine country tours and gourmet dining inSouth Africato be unparalleled.South Africacan accommodate most every person’s holiday expectations.

Once known for its system of apartheid,South Africahas become a world symbol for inclusion of all its people.South Africainvites everyone to come and experience the history of that great civil rights struggle. Visitors can trace the history of this great achievement and the struggle of such celebrated revolutionaries as Nelson Mandela and Hector Pieterson.

While experiencing the history ofSouth Africayou will be surrounded by some of the World’s most breathe taking natural environments.South Africais a leader in the global fight to protect nature and endangered species, protect tis natural environment and conserve.

Some of the most travelled destinations inSouth Africaare:

Cape Town & CapePeninsula: Renown for their scenic beauty and pristine beaches,TableMountainand all the adventure sports and nightlife, theCape Townregion is a must.

The Winelands:South Africahas become known for its exceptional wines and cuisine. A week spent in tasting the regional foods and drinking some of the best wines the country has to offer is a great way to enjoy a holiday.

TheGarden Route: Although majestic natural beauty is everywhere you go inSouth Africa, theGarden Routeis sublime, and some think it is so special they call itEden. TheGolden Routeis a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to

Johannesburg: Known as the City ofGold JoburgisSouth Africa’s mecca for shoppers, denizens of the night, and gourmands. Spend the day immersed in a freedom tour, and at night … enjoy world class entertainment.

Kruger National Park: With close to two million lush hectares that include sixteen different ecosystems Kruger National Park is where you can game watch and see the what South Africans like to call the Big Five while on safari; leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros.

DurbanSeaside: Durbin is home to some ofSouth Africa’s best seaside resorts. The perfect destination for those who like to surf, sunbathe or take in a day at the marine park.Durbanis the perfect family stop-off while touringSouth Africa.

RobbenIsland: If history is your thing then iBooknow.com encourages you to visitRobbenIsland. The prison where Nelson Mandela was interred for so much of his life is now a symbol and reminder of what the human spirit can achieve.

Soweto:Sowetois one of the most known places inSouth Africa. Once the center of the anti-apartheid movement,Sowetois host to Freedom Struggle sites and offers a glimpse at some of the most traditional life in the country.

BlydeRiverCanyonNature Reserve: Located inMpumalanga, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is home to the famous God’s Window. iBooknow.com suggests visitors to this area rent a car and take a scenic drive, while stopping along the way to hike, go horseback riding, white water rafting, hot-air ballooning, fishing, biking, or boating. Incorporating the third largest canyon in the world, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is one of the planet’s most diverse geological areas and is alive with over one thousand flora and fauna species of which many exist only inSouth Africa.

Natural Heritage Sites: The iSimangalisoWetlandPark, the uKhahlambaDrakensbergPark, the Cape Floral Region, and the Vredefort Dome are so incredible and unique that they are all Natural Heritage Sites. These astonishing places have been created by the forces of nature, and the universe. Come toSouth Africaand marvel at the wonders of our world.

After a day spent touring and enjoying the countryside and beaches ofSouth Africait’s time to enjoy the casinos, clubs, pubs and restaurants that abound. Not only is the country diverse in animal life, it is also host to a diverse nightlife. Everything from comedy venues, casinos, dance clubs, concerts and opera, South African Drum cafes, or the many restaurants up and down Long Street located in the City Bowl section ofCape Townare all available to visitors.

If you book your hotel and flight now you’ll be in time for the annual Tweede Nuwe Jaar celebration in Kaapse Klopse,Cape Townthe town comes alive on January 2nd and theCapeMinstrelscelebrate in style wearing brightly colored costumes, sporting umbrellas and singing traditional South African songs.

There is so much to see and experience in South Africa that the only way you will ever understand it all is to book now for the up-coming winter season. Reserve your flights and accommodations now and start planning your vacation of a lifetime. Let iBooknow.com show you the way.

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