Tourism: you need to help this conservation cause

It starts with the rhino. And the elephant and lion are already under pressure all over sub-Saharan Africa. What’s next?

I’m not sure – but I do know that the destruction of our wildlife is an enormous threat to our eco-system. And to our tourism system.

What natural attractions are we going to sell when the Big Five have gone? What icons will we have to boast about? What’s going to make the African wilds unique?

We need to stop this scourge now, guys.

Please help the African Conservation Trust to provide tactical support for anti-poaching units aroundSouth Africa. The Trust’s Skydive for Rhinos campaign has already raised R 5.5 million this year, and with one more event coming up – in Robertson on the long weekend of 22 September (International Rhino Day) – you have at least three more opportunities to make your contributions:

You can make direct donations here:

You can take part by tandem skydiving yourself – but you’ll have to raise R 5,000 for the cause to secure your entry. There’s more information here:

Or you can support me – as I make my maiden jump – by donating here:

For your information: please read this copy of a recent e-mail from Skydive For Rhinos Volunteer Mike Rumble:

From: Mike R <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 08:48:29 +0200
Subject: Skydive for Rhinos 2012 – R5.5m raised so far…. 22nd 23rd and 24th September in Robertson (World Rhino Day).

Good Greetings

Please read, forward, and distribute this information.

Oh… And check this super exciting video clip

Since the beginning of June I have volunteered my time and expertise to African Conservation Trust (ACT) for the National ‘Skydive for Rhinos 2012’ campaign.

I have been part of high level discussions with CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, Managers, Conservationists and Members of some of the most influential and important groups, boards, companies, associations, trusts, foundations, reserves, charities, projects, units, NPOs and PBOs concerned with ensuring the survival of the Black and White Rhino.

I have met with people on-the-ground and at the front-line of anti-poaching efforts and been on a Black and a White Rhino darting and microchipping exercise.

SO FAR the ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ campaign has raised more than R5.5m for African Conservation Trust’s Rhino Fund.

In the last 5 weeks we have been Skydiving for Rhinos in Rustenburg, Polokwane, KZN, andPort Elizabeth

The first ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ event, held close to JHB end July, saw 64 people sign up, raise funds, and made a tandem Skydive for Rhinos.

At the beginning of August, 77 Sports Skydivers came together and raised funds at The Ranch SkyDiving Boogie and Symposium close to Polokwane.

Last weekend 75 people signed up, raised funds, and made a tandem Skydive for Rhinos in Kwa-Zulu-Natal.

The next ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ event happens on the long weekend of World Rhino Day (22nd September), when ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ hits Robertson, near Cape Town.

Numerous public figures, sporting stars, actors, actresses, models, television and radio personalities, presenters, producers, artists, conservationists, CEOs, directors, foundations, brands and organisations are behind the campaign and participating – significant awareness and exposure is being generated.

Ordinary South Africans from 16 to 77 years of age have come forward and are making a statement – Skydiving for Rhinos…

World renowned ‘Father of FreeFly’ Olav Zipser has come on board as a Rhino Ambassador and will be participating at the ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ Port Elizabeth and Cape Town events.

So far we have about 45 people signed up for theCape’s ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ event – and we want to make a really big noise on those three days.

This campaign is about Ordinary South Africans doing something Extraordinary , raising awareness and giving a little of their time to show their support to on-the-ground front-line efforts to save South Africa’s Rhinos from poachers.

There are opportunities for Individuals, Celebrities, Groups, Sponsors and Corporates to Participate, Donate, Sponsor and Support.

To register and start raising funds for your ‘Skydive for Rhinos’ email 

Download the ‘Skydive for Rhinos 2012’ National Campaign Information Document from this link:

Download the ‘Skydive for Rhinos 2012’ National Campaign Funding Distributions Document from this link:

View the ‘Skydive for Rhinos 2011’ video here: 

And a more recent video about the ‘Skydive for Rhinos 2012’ Campaign here: 

Skydive for Rhinos is not a publicity stunt: it is a serious fundraising and awareness campaign with an international following, conducted by a well-respected South African conservation NGO that allows the ordinary South African citizen to play a role in the rhino poaching crisis and contribute their support to four major anti-poaching needs: anti-poaching equipment, training, surveillance and community interventions.

Funds will be distributed nationally.

The African Conservation Trust is a 12 year-old KZN-based conservation charity with a historical footprint of working throughoutSouthern Africa. ACT is a registered Trust (IT 2174/00); a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 030-243); a SARS-registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930014758); and a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (NG/25190). It is also a founder member of Project Rhino KZN.

As a section 18a company, donations to ACT are tax deductible and Donations Certificates can be provided on request. Email Sheelagh at for more information on how to make donations, or go to this link:  

Many thanks in advance for your time and interest in this campaign.

Please get involved and feel free to publish and distribute this information.

Thanks and Regards

Mike Rumble

+27 (0)82 926 3591

The ability to imagine and manifest ideas to realise a desired outcome and meet specified criteria for practical purposes. This is the art of Imagineering….

Now go away on holiday. It’s in the economy’s best interest

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