Planning a Visit to Zululand

Zululand is small region located within the province of KwaZulu-Natal. North of the Dolphin Coast and stretching along Richard’s Bay, Zululand is a place of enormous historical significance for the local people and South Africa as well.

Visit Zululand and immerse yourself in Zulu culture, which has not died out with the times, but remains strong in the people that still call this gorgeous subtropical region home. The topography is one of tranquility, with many kilometres of stretching green hills, grasslands, and untouched vegetation. The history of the Zulu people is one of fearsome strength and dignity, and the scenery of Zululand echoes this truth quietly in its natural beauty.

Zululand is home to many Zulu villages, including Shakaland and Dumazulu where one can meet the local people and engage in local customs. You can ask to meet a sangoma, though at least one of the local Zulu medicine healers will likely come out to greet you. Don’t be surprised if people come up to speak to you or even offer you food, as Zulu hospitality is one of the riches of the local community. You may also see a local rural wedding ceremony being put on, as they are quite common as well.

The Zululand Birding Route, which includes over 650 species of birds, and the Battlefields Route not far from Zululand are both certainly worth at least a few hours of your time before you leave. The Battlefields Route will take you along a drive to learn more about the history of the Zulu-British conflicts of yesteryear.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Zululand, there are many local lodges and game reserves in the area. Emdoneni Lodge & Game Farm in particular is home to purposefully intimate yet comfortable accommodations. The reserve has 38 chalets, 6 rondavels and one Executive Suite.

The chalets include fine linens on the twin beds next to an en-suite bathroom. You can choose to be placed toward the main house or off toward the sand forest area. The rondavels are round, traditionally African-style suites with a walled bedroom and an en-suite bathroom. The chalets and rondavels receive meal service twice a day. The lodge’s staff also hosts evening drinks around the fire before and after dinner.

Windfall Cottage, the Executive Suite, is a private accommodation with one bedroom situated underneath Marula trees. The suite has a lounge with an en-suite bathroom and a fenced outdoor shower near the private patio. You can eat your meals or drink tea whilst observing zebra frolic around the grounds.

To get to Zululand, you can charter a flight directly, though most people drive in after catching flights to Durban or another city within KwaZulu-Natal. There are public roads available to get you in and out with ease.

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