Seeing single, loving double!

Our summer blessings arrived early this year, at Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn, with the welcoming of two very precious little babies! 

On 25 September, our beautiful 8-year-old Cheetah, Gabbi, gave birth to a gorgeous little cub! Fondly named Alpha, as it is the first cub of the season, is getting all of its mom’s attention! Both mom and cub are doing very well and are healthy and happy! 

Just two days after Gabbi introduced Alpha to the world… one of our lovely ring-tailed lemurs gave birth to a perfect little baby as well! The tiny baby spends its time clinging to its moms chest while it is groomed and fed. The true beauty of the lemur species lies in the way that they care for the infants of the group. Lemurs are very social animals and are very protective of one another, especially when there are more than one baby in the group. During the birthing process, the entire group of lemurs stayed with the mother, and would not leave her side until she later entered the night-house with her newborn.

These two little wonders are both doing very well, as are their moms! Both of the moms diets have been given a boost to ensure that the babies receive all their nutritional needs. 

At Cango Wildlife Ranch, we proudly welcome these new editions to the family, and look forward to introducing them to the public over the next few months.

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