NSRI’s new Station Commanders

From the Executive Director – Operations, Mark Hughes : I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Station Commanders and thank them for taking on the task of running their respective stations. Thank you to all those Station Commanders, who have stood down, for their hard work and input throughout their time at the helm.

Here is a list of the volunteers who were elected Station Commander for the next two years:

Stn 2 Bruce Davidson, Stn 3 Pat van Eyssen, Stn 4 Darius van Niekerk, Stn 5 Clifford Ireland, Stn 6 Ian Gray, Stn 7 Geoff McGregor, Stn 8 Lyall Pringle, Stn 9 Nigel Pepperell, Stn 10 Darren Zimmerman, Stn 11 Juan Pretorius, Stn 12 Graeme Harding, Stn 14 Deon Truter, Stn 15 Andre Fraser, Stn 16 Mario Fredericks, Stn 17 Henk Henn, Stn 18 Rhine Barnes, Stn 19 Cornel du Toit, Stn 20 Mark Harlen, Stn 21 Marc May, Stn 22 Dick Manten, Stn 23 Hennie Niehaus, Stn 25 Rod Pitter, Stn 26 Tom Coetzee, Stn 27 Graham Hartlett, Stn 28 John Costello, Stn 29 Andre Beuster, Stn 30 Reinard Geldenhuys, Stn 31 Enrico Menezies, Stn 32 Mick Banks, Stn 33 Attie Gunter, Stn 34 Rudi Rogers,  Stn 36 Mark Mans, Stn 37 Rieghard van Rensburg

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