Further Avian Influenza H7N1 Outbreaks in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA- A further 1067 cases of low pathogenic avian influenza H7N1 in South Africa have been reported to the OIE.

The outbreak was reported to the OIE by Dr Bothle Michael Modisane, Chief Director, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Animal Production and Health in Pretoria, South Africa.

Three of the outbreaks occured in LPAI_2012_003, LPAI_2012_004 and LPAI_2012_006, Camdeboo, Eastern Cape Province.

The remaining two outbreaks occured in LPAI_2012_005 and LPAI_2012_007, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape Province.

The outbreak led to 1067 cases, resulting in 90 deaths. 3890 birds are believed to now be susceptible.

The cause of the outbreak is still unknown.

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