Protection of Personal Information made easy with Nclose and Data Leakage Protection

After years of deliberation, the enactment of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (PPI) legislation is imminent; placing the onus of secure storage, use and disposal of all client data squarely on your company’s shoulders. The Act’s intent is admirable in terms of the integrity that it promotes among businesses, but the reality is that meeting its standards can be a daunting, time-consuming task for companies that have enough trouble focusing on the day-to-day tasks involved in remaining profitable.

“Once enacted, PPI legislation will require any organisation that deals with client information to be able to demonstrate that sufficient measures are in place to ensure that this information is managed responsibly and securely,” says Stephen Osler, Nclose Director. “In the event that data is lost or stolen, the ability to provide evidence of these measures increases tangentially. And if the company that has lost the data is shown to have been negligent, or remiss in complying with the Act, the reputational damage could be fatal.”

In the world of PPI, not all data is equal

In considering your company’s solution, you may be forgiven for embarking on mental journeys down the paths of encryption and firewalls. The truth of these approaches, however, is that you’d be zooming past many important junctions and warning signs along the way.

“Just as critical as securing your data is knowing which data should be protected,” Martin Potgieter, Nclose Director points out. “Securing all your data is unnecessary and can cause endless headaches – and spectacularly high costs. Nclose’s comprehensive Data Leakage approach offers efficient identification of data – making the task of securing client information simple and manageable.”

By focusing on identification of data, Nclose’s DLP offering successfully hands you complete control of your data – making it easy to sort important personal information. The result is a clearer and more accurate view of data that requires protection – facilitating easy decision making with regards to the protection measures that are required to secure it.

Short-term wins, long-term victory

“Nclose’s DLP approach is by no means a once-off event, however. While the newfound clarity resulting from the PPI data sorting exercise may raise your Risk Officer’s eyebrows, continued use of our approach will soon create a stir in your Finance Director’s office, too,” Stephen comments. “Comparisons between our approach and traditional Date Leakage Protection programmes show remarkable savings at every stage. Less costly to implement and maintain, your bottom line will soon start telling a story that is hard to ignore.” That said, Nclose’s PPI implementation is quick off the mark – able to show impressive short-term wins in the upcoming race towards compliance.

Most important, however, is that PPI compliance requires careful consideration – and guidance from partners that have extensive experience in Data Leakage Protection. With a sterling track record and a client list that has never diminished, Nclose is ready to share its wisdom – built on many years of success.

“Our scalable, end-to-end view of data management and security has yet to be beaten,” Martin concludes. “We place immense value on understanding your business and its challenges before we propose solutions of any kind. It’s our way of building a relationship with you that counts, so that you can focus on building a business that matters.”

For assistance with PPI related solutions, contact Nclose on or schedule a discussion at a convenient time by contacting Megan on 0860 NCLOSE (625673).

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