ASWD 21.1km Championships

Athletics SWD recently held their annual ASWD 21.1km Championships in Meiringspoort.  The medal winners are as follows: 

Lloyd Bosman


G             Archie Boome                   Knysna Marathon Club                  1:19.28

S              Elton Botha                         Knysna Marathon Club                  1:22.51

B             Dylan Butler                       Knysna Marathon Club                  1:27.52 


G             Lloyd Bosman                    Nedbank Running Club                  1:04.55

S              Gershwill Jacobs               Nedbank Running Club                  1:09.53

B             Elfonzo Pieterse               Nedbank Running Club                  1:10.49 

G             Melissa V Rensburg        Nedbank Running Club                  1:23.51

S              Helga Mathee                   Nedbank Running Club                  1:27.16

B             Lisl Grobler                         Knysna Marathon Club                  1:28.34 

35 – 39 

G             Elzet Oosthuizen              Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:39.11 

40 – 49 

G             Anton Chevalier               Nedbank Running Club                  1:19.57

S              Alfred Nise                         Knysna Marathon Club                  1:24.19 

G             Alison Jordaan                   Nedbank Running Club                  1:29.56

S              Heilanie Streuderst         Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:36.30

B             Elize Kloppers                    Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:38.45 

50 – 59 

G             Sydney Landsberg           Nedbank Running Club                  1:18.20

S              Hermanus Jonkerman   Nedbank Running Club                  1:22.46

B             Partick Rawlins                  Outeniqua Harriers                         1:30.55 

G             Annatjie Botes                  Nedbank Running Club                  1:32.14

S              Marie Wolmarans            Nedbank Running Club                  1:37.34

B             Annemarie VD Westhuizen Nedbank Running Club          1:52.56 

60 + 

G             Peter Jacoby                      Knysna Marathon Club                  1:36.58

S              Manie Steenkamp           Nedbank Running Club                  1:38.41 

G             Rea Oosthuizen                Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:41.02

S              Toekie Steenkamp          Nedbank Running Club                  1:50.41

B             Esther Oosthuizen           Hartenbos Drawwers                     2:02.53 

A hearty congratulations to everyone!  Athletics SWD will host a small thank you function to all ASWD medal winners at the ASWD 21.1km, ASWD 42.2km and ASWD 10km Road Race Walking Championships on Saturday 3 November 2012.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Michélle Jacobsz at 044-8730023. 

Forthcoming events: 

3 November 2012:  Coastline Athletics 5km and 10km at 07:00 at Olympia School in Pacaltsdorp.   Entries will be available from 05:45.  It is an ideal route for walkers.  For more information please contact Joe Arendse at 082 907 1296 or download the entry form from

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