Coca-Cola School’s T20 Challenge hampered by rain

Last year’s SWD winners: Outeniqua High

The start of the new Coca-Cola Schools’ T20 Challenge has kicked off in an unfortunate style in the SWD region with the majority of matches being rained out.

Torrential downpours and floods have swept through most of the Southern and Eastern Cape have seen hundreds of cricket matches called off in the Warriors region.

Only three matches were complete in the opening two rounds of the SWD region’s Coca-Cola Schools’ T20  Challenge. The winner of the SWD region will be determined in February next year and thereafter they will compete with the winners of the Eastern Province and Border regions to determine who will represent the Warriors franchise at the National Finals.


23 October 2012

The summarised results of the SWD Schools League are as follows:

Under 15

Outeniqua B vs Glenwoodhouse

Outeniqua B 46 all out (Josua Klue 3/9, Cale vd Westhuizen 2/3, Tyler Boltman 2/5, Richard Papenfus 2/21)

Glenwoodhouse 47/1 (Jean Du Plessis 26*, Joshua Klue 13*)

Glenwoodhouse won by 9 wickets.

PW Botha vs Outeniqua A

PW Botha College 85 all out (Levin Muller 5/11, Johan Goosen 3/11, Michael van Greunen 2/8)

Outeniqua A 86/5 (Johan Goosen 37, Levin Muller 23)

Outeniqua A won by 5 wickets.

Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Sentraal

Langenhoven Gymnasium 260 all out (R Steyn 113, A Meyer 34, Polyne 2/44, Eland 2/38)

Sentraal 79 all out (K Krause 46, D Prins 3/9, D Nuys 3/10, R Steyn 2/6)

Langenhoven Gym won by 181 runs.

Oudtshoorn High vs Point

Oudtshoorn High 28 all out (L Erasmus 4/8, N Scott 4/10, W Baartman 2/3)

Point High 29/2 (N Scott 7*, G Esau 2/12)

Point won by 8 wickets.

Under 19

Bridgton vs Outeniqua A

Bridgton 99 all out (B Claassen 4/17, R Compion 3/11, L Roelfse 2/29)

Outeniqua A 100/2 (H Barnard 31*, R Bekker 21)

Outeniqua A won by 8 wickets.

Langenhoven Gym vs Oakhill

Langenhoven Gym 264/3 (R Saayman 124*, B Olivier 57, J Segers 2/59)

Oakhill 89 all out (T Marrow 38*, C Bell 23, B Olivier 6/23)

Langenhoven Gym won by 175 runs.

Oakdale A vs Sentraal

Oakdale A 297/7 (R Smit 59, R Barnard 44, J Oberholzer 44, P Bosch 34, M White 32, B v Greunen 29, S Palmer 2/47)

Sentraal 53 all out (S Streicher 5/10, A Moolman 3/11, J Oberholzer 2/5)

Oakdale won by 244 runs.

Yorkvs PW Botha College

York 385 all out (D de Ponte 135, M Fanelo 50, D Murran 50)

PW Botha College 29 all out (R Maree 4/11, D Schoeman 4/5)

York won by 355 runs.

Ouetniqua B vs Oudtshoorn High

Outeniqua B 91 all out (Tiaan 19, R de Jongh 3/12, L vd Horst 3/21, V Lucas 2/2)

Oudtshoorn High 93/3 (E Dyssel 29*, BJ Rossouw 18, Bennie 2/20)

Oudtshoorn High won by 7 wickets.

Coca Cola T20 Competition

PW Botha College vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary

Rained Out

Wittedrift vs Oakhill

Wittedrift 77 all out (James Segers 3/15)

Oakhill School 81/2 (Thomas Marrow 37*)

Oakhill won by 8 wickets.

Knysna High vs Outeniqua High

Rained out.

Parkdene Secondary vs Great-Brak Secondary

Rained out.

AurialCollegevs Sentraal High

Aurial College 131/8 (Shavon Laws 2/23)

Sentraal High 132/4 (Dawie Stemmet 60)

Sentraal won by 6 wickets

Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Bridgton Secondary

Langenhoven Gymnasium 155/4 (Brando Olivier 55, Jean Heunis 58, J Philander 2/19)

Bridgton Secondary 92 all out (Ottniel Baartman 37, Chrisendo Maksella 5/12, Sheldon Eksteen 2/10)

Langenhoven Gymnasium won by 63 runs

Albertinia High vs Indwe High

Rained out.

OakdaleAgriculturalSchoolvs Langenhoven High

Rained out.

Kairos Secondary vs Point High

Rained out.

Thembalethu High vs George Secondary

Rained out.

Imizamo Yethu vs Oudtshoorn High

Rained out.

Uniondale High vs Glenwoodhouse

Rained out.

Plettenberg Bay Secondary vs Oakhill

Rained out.

PW Botha College vs Outeniqua High

Rained out.

Wittedrift High vs Parkdene Secondary

Rained out.

Great-Brak Secondary vs Knysna High

Rained out.

Dysselsdorp vs Fezekile Secondary

Rained out.

Langenhoven Gymnasium vsAurialCollege

Langenhoven Gymnasium 153/6 (Chrisendo Maksella 44, J Steyn 35, Brandon Olivier 19)

Aurial College 4/0

Rained out.

OakdaleAgriculturalSchoolvs Sao Bras

Rained out.

George Secondary vs Oudtshoorn High

Rained out.

Imizamo Yethu vs Uniondale High

Rained out.

Glenwoodhouse vs York High

Rained out.

Coca Cola Schools T20 Competition Fixtures

23 October 2012

29 Oct 2012:

Group A

Parkdene Secondary vs Knysna High

Outeniqua High vs Wittedrift High

Oakhill School vs PW Botha College

Murray High vs Plettenberg Bay Secondary

Group B

Langenhoven Gymnasium vs Beaufort West Combine

Fezekile Secondary vs Aurial College

Sentraal High vs Dysselsdorp Secondary

Bridgton Secondary vs Môrester High

Group C

Sao Bras vs Kairos Secondary

Point High vs Oakdale Agri School

Langenhoven High vs Albertinia High

Heidelburg High vs Indwe High

Group D

Uniondale High vs York High

Pacalsdorp Secondary vs Imizamo Yethu

Oudtshoorn High vs Thembalethu High

Glenwood House vs George Secondary

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