Sors Grobbelaar is WAKO Africa Heavyweight Champion

Sors Grobbelaar George Airport ARFF is the new WAKO Heavyweight Low Kick African Champion. Sors represented South Africa at the 3rd WAKO African Kickboxing Championships in Antananarivo, Madagascar from 27-30 September. The championships also served as the qualification for the Sport Accord World Combat Games (the Olympic games of Combat Sports) that will take place in St Petersburg, Russia in 2013.

Sors fought the Moroccan National Champion, Adil Admarie in the final. Currently Adil is ranked number 4 in the world. Adil holds a very impressive professional record in numerous combat disciplines and is one of the world’s best. Sors won the fight by means a an Knock Out kick to Adil’s leg in the third round. South Africa came second at the Championships with 20 medals (7 Gold, 6 Silver en 7 Bronze) with Morocco winning by one medal.

Earlier in September Sors also accompanied the South African National Junior Kickboxing team at the National Ring Sport Coach to the WAKO World Junior Kickboxing Championships in Bratislava, Slovankia. There South Africa took 7 medals (1 Gold, 3 Silver & 3 Bronze) as well with one of his fighters being a medal winner.

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