Conventional skylight or tubular skylight – which one is better

Popularity of skylights and roof windows is on the rise. More and more people are installing them these days because skylights not only let in too much light and reduce the energy efficiency of the home they also enhance the beauty of the house. Would you also like to install a skylight in your house but wondering whether to opt for a conventional skylight or get a tubular skylight? Well, there are plenty of benefits of installing a tubular skylight. Explore the article and learn more about them. <p>

First and foremost, let’s take a look at how tubular skylights work. Note that these types of skylights are to be placed on the roof and you cannot place them on the sidewall. You will find diverse types of flashing available on the market, which are appropriate for all types of roofs. It is also very important to place the skylight as vertical as possible to get the maximum benefits. As far as the length of the skylight is concerned it could go up to 10 feet in length. You can even find skylights that are 15 feet in length. 
Cost is the major concern for which tubular skylights are more popular. In order to install a tubular skylight no major construction is involved. You don’t need to cut beams, install drywall or no requirement of painting. But installing traditional skylights you need to perform all these things which eventually augment the cost of the skylight. You will be amazed to know that a 10 feet tubular skylight is capable of lighting up about a 150 sq. ft area whereas a 14 feet tubular skylight could light up about a 250 sq. ft. area.

Tubular skylights provide indirect, mellow sunlight. This means it is less likely that UV rays will damage furniture, carpet and drapery. These types of skylights can fit where conventional skylights can’t be installed. The process of installation is also very easy and it requires less than two hours for completing the installation.

Another big advantage of the tubular skylights is that it emits more light as compared to traditional skylights. This is because of the high reflectivity of the mirror-like light-pipe of the skylight. During summertime, the light keeps the area cool while during winter keeps the area warm. This means, by installing a tubular skylight you can reduce the cooling and heating costs. <p>

At the time of buying a here, you must take a number of important things into consideration. Some of these are, UV protection from fading, air and water tightness, the reflective light pipe, etc. Make sure that the dome is constructed from a UV stabilized polymer. It’s better to buy tubular skylights from the companies that have the Energy Star rating. If you are living in the area where you are most likely to experience hurricane like conditions, get one that is hurricane tested and approved.

So, it is quite evident that Tubular skylights are more energy efficient and cost effective than conventional skylights.

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