ASWD hold thank you function for provincial road running / race walking medal winners

Athletics SWD held a thank you function for their provincial Road Running  (21.1km and 42.2km) and Road Race Walking (10km)  championship medal winners.  Almost 50 athletes and various board members was present at the first-of-its-kind breakfast function.  Earlier this year Athletics SWD started with an award system to show our provincial athletes our appreciation for their commitment and medal winning achievements at the ASWD championships.  At the function Athletics SWD handed out over more than R10,000 in incentive awards to the various athletes.  Well done and congratulations to all the athletes ! 

ASWD 42.2km Championships 

Senior (20 – 34) 

Gold                      Zandisile Ngeva                               
Nedbank Running Club                  2:35.43

Silver                     Gurome Gelderbloem                  
Mossel Bay Harriers                        2:37.22

Bronze                  Jacques Mouton                             
Outeniqua Harriers                         3:14.09 

Gold                      Helga Mathee                                  
Nedbank Running Club                  3:12.29

Silver                     Lisl Grobler                                        
Knysna Marathon Club                  3:22.10

Bronze                  Rome Phillipson                               
Hartenbos Drawwers                     3:49.44 

Sub – Veteran (35 – 39) 

Gold                      Vuyo Witbooi                                   
Outeniqua Harriers                         3:01.40

Silver                     Jacques Berry                                   
Hartenbos Drawwers                     4:08.52 

Veteran (40 – 49) 

Gold                      Lindile Tokota                                   
Nedbank Running Club                  2:30.51

Silver                     Mxolisi Fana                                      
Mossel Bay Harriers                        2:46.10

Bronze                  Henry Van Der Watt                      
Nedbank Running Club                  3:12.30 

Gold                      Alison Jordaan                                  
Nedbank Running Club                  3:20.03 

Master (50 – 59) 

Gold                      Sydney Landsberg                          
Nedbank Running Club                  2:46.24

Silver                     Dirk Joubert                                      
Hartenbos Drawwers                     3:39.35

Bronze                  Martin Rulphse                                
Mossel Bay Harriers                        3:39.48 

Gold                      Annatjie Botes                                 
Nedbank Running Club                  3:22.47

Silver                     Adele Ungerer                                 
Hartenbos Drawwers                     4:36.43 

Grandmaster (60+) 

Gold                      Toekie Steenkamp                         
Nedbank Running Club                  4:00.08

Silver                     Esther Oosthuizen                          
Hartenbos Drawwers                     4:45.40 

ASWD 21.1km Championships 

Junior (16 – 19) 

Gold                   Archie Boome                         
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:19.28

Silver                  Elton Botha                                
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:22.51

Bronze               Dylan Butler                              
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:27.52 

Senior (20 – 34) 

Gold                   Lloyd Bosman                          
Nedbank Running Club                  1:04.55

Silver                 Gershwill Jacobs                     
Nedbank Running Club                  1:09.53

Bronze               Elfonzo Pieterse                     
Nedbank Running Club                  1:10.49 

Gold                   Melissa V Rensburg          
Nedbank Running Club                  1:23.51

Silver                   Helga Mathee                      
Nedbank Running Club                  1:27.16

Bronze               Lisl Grobler                           
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:28.34 

Sub-Veteran (35 – 39) 

Gold                   Elzet Oosthuizen                  
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:39.11 

Veteran (40 – 49) 

Gold                   Anton Chevalier                    
Nedbank Running Club                  1:19.57

Silver                   Alfred Nise                               
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:24.19 

Gold                   Alison Jordaan                            
Nedbank Running Club                  1:29.56

Silver                   Heilanie Streuderst                  
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:36.30

Bronze               Elize Kloppers                            
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:38.45 

Master (50 – 59) 

Gold                   Sydney Landsberg               
Nedbank Running Club                  1:18.20

Silver                   Hermanus Jonkerman    
Nedbank Running Club                  1:22.46

Bronze               Partick Rawlins                       
Outeniqua Harriers                         1:30.55 

Gold                   Annatjie Botes                      
Nedbank Running Club                  1:32.14

Silver                   Marie Wolmarans               
Nedbank Running Club                  1:37.34

Bronze               Annemarie VD Westhuizen
Nedbank Running Club          1:52.56 

Grandmaster (60 +) 

Gold                   Peter Jacoby                               
Knysna Marathon Club                  1:36.58

Silver                   Manie Steenkamp                    
Nedbank Running Club                  1:38.41 

Gold                   Rea Oosthuizen                      
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:41.02

Silver                   Toekie Steenkamp                  
Nedbank Running Club                  1:50.41

Bronze               Esther Oosthuizen                    
Hartenbos Drawwers                     2:02.53 

ASWD 10km Road Race Walking Championships 

Senior (20 – 34) 

Gold                      Mariaan Barnard                             
Coastline Athletics                           1:04.02 

Silver                     Christine Sonnekus                        
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:11.28 

Veteran (40 – 49) 

Gold                      Vuyo Suka                                          
Military Sport Club                           59.52 

Gold                      Sarie Exton                                        
Sedgefield Striders                          1:10.09

Silver                     Esca Schoeman                                
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:11.28 

Master (50 – 59) 

Gold                      Kabous Van Tonder                       
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:13.38 

Gold                      Lydia Basson                                       
Outeniqua Harriers                         1:17.31

Silver                     Regina Van Mollendorf                
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:22.37

Bronze                  Elaine Diesel                                    
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:22.41 

Grandmaster (60+) 

Gold                      David Morgan-Smith                     
Sedgefield Striders                          1:09.11

Silver                     Chris Fimpel                                      
Sedgefield Striders                          1:11.33

Bronze                  Hennie Koster                                  
Hartenbos Drawwers                     1:16.37 

Gold                      Frankie Whiteford                          
Sedgefield Striders                          1:10.37

Silver                     Geraldine Loftie-Eaton                 
Run / Walk For Life                          1:17.36

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