NATRX takes their premium-quality supplements online

Now you can buy NATRXs’ extensive supplements range on their brand new e-commerce website

Natural Prescriptions (NATRX) have recently launched their brand-new, stunning website, where consumers can shop for products from the ease of their own home and have them delivered to their door. NATRX products are stocked nationwide at Clicks, Medirite and leading retail pharmacy groups, but shopping on their website for high-quality supplements guarantees that you will find what you’re looking for.

The website was built for the benefit of the consumer. It is simple to use and visitors are easily able to find what they need. The site is not only for shopping, either. One of the main prerogatives of NATRX is to keep their consumers informed and knowledgeable. It is for this reason that they have included a Health Centre on the website which contains three sections. The first is an articles database which includes informational articles and other informative snippets about health conditions, tips and tricks, and interesting news. The second part is a database of scholarly articles written by a doctor, known as the Experts Corner. The third part is an A-Z database of health conditions, which explains specific conditions in detail as well as offering advice on how they can be managed.

Who is NATRX?

NATRX is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, natural supplements in South Africa. Their team consists of a number of skilled pharmaceutical professionals and industry experts, and their main priority is the wellness and satisfaction of their consumers. They pride themselves on the scientific research and development they do in complementary medicines.

So what puts NATRX above the rest? They have a five-star guarantee, which the company aspire to reach in all their endeavours.
The first guarantee is quality and safety. All products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice by the most reputable manufacturers and are Halaal certified, suitable for vegetarians, yeast, wheat, preservative and gluten free.

The second guarantee is potency. All products are guaranteed to be manufactured and developed using the best strength for brilliant potency according to ground-breaking scientific information.

The third guarantee promises an extensive range of products. NATRX manufactures over 150 products across categories such as nutraceuticals, targeted supplements and tissue salts.

The fourth guarantee is that NATRX will always offer competitive prices on their products. Even though their products offer far higher potency of ingredients than their competitors, they offer the most affordable products without sacrificing on quality.
The fifth guarantee promises customer satisfaction. All products are sold with a 100% money-back guarantee if consumers should be unsatisfied with their purchase.

Buy premium quality supplements online today!

Natural supplements have become a well-known and trusted approach to mild to moderate health problems, which do not compromise your health through negative side effects. Finding the right supplement provider can be tricky, but when you buy NATRX supplements, you can be sure you are receiving the best quality at a fair price. With the introduction of their handy website-shopping facilities, you can get the supplements you need without the hassle of in-store shopping, and you get easy access to important health information that is relevant to you.

Visit to visit their website and start browsing the wide range of products and information available.

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