Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

It is that time of the year again when everybody starts thinking about stopping smoking.

There are many products out there than can help a smoker kick the habit. The problem with these products is that they all just support willpower.

There is one way that has been proven again and again to be extremely effective: Hypnosis.

Freeing yourself from the habit of smoking is one of the most important things you could to for yourself. Imagine that you are free from smoking. You smell fresh and lovely, you have more energy, you feel better and your body is healthy. And what are you going to do with all the money you will be saving? Yes! You can do it! And it is actually so easy!

The British National Council for Hypnotherapy recently released information based on the results of more than 600 studies, and the conclusion is that Hypnosis is three times more effective to help people to stop smoking than nicotine replacement therapy.

I see smokers almost on a daily basis and most people have tried several times to stop smoking using various methods, without success. Most people tried willpower and have failed dismally! Willpower actually has nothing to do with stopping smoking. If willpower was enough, everybody would have stopped by now.

Statistics show that you only have a 6% chance to stop smoking using willpower only. And the nicotine stickers and gum or medication are only a support system for willpower.

So why do you smoke?

Many people think they are addicted to nicotine, but the fact of the matter is that the smoking habit is not a nicotine addiction, but a psychological habit. When you stop smoking, the nicotine leaves your body within 48 hours and the withdrawal symptoms are not the same for everybody. Some people don’t even have withdrawal symptoms at all!

Smoking is a learned habit. You were not born a smoker. You had to practice to become a smoker and you programmed yourself to do it. Remember the first time you started smoking, how horrible it tasted and how dizzy you felt and how nauseous it made you feel?

The vast majority of people started smoking in their teens. They started because of peer pressure, to be cool or perhaps it was a way to manage stress and tension.

How is the habit formed?

Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bicycle? Well, it’s almost the same when you started smoking. In the beginning it was difficult and at first you did not inhale the smoke, but the more you practiced, the easier it became. And after a while, perhaps a few years, it became such an automatic habit that you no longer had to think about it. It started happening automatically.

Your subconscious mind protects you in all things and as the years passed, you were retraining your subconscious mind that smoking is something you need to stay alive.

It’s like driving a car. The first few times was difficult, so many things to concentrate on. But after a few years it became so automatic that you could drive the long road, reach your destination and not even remember how you got there!

Your subconscious cannot judge and accepts everything without question. It does not know which habits are healthy and which ones are unhealthy for you It just does everything in its power to keep that habit going. And that is why ultimately willpower is not going to work to change that habit.

How does my program work?

The secret of my success is that we replace the bad habit with new habits that are good and healthy for you, but which give you the same benefits that smoking provided for you in the past. It takes anything from two weeks to a month to learn a new habit, and with this approach we “re-programme” your subconscious mind to replace the bad habit with good ones.

Most people try stopping smoking by deleting the habit, without putting something in its place. This usually doesn’t work, because if you have a hole in your life where smoking used to be, and don’t place anything in that hole that is good and healthy for you, then the smoking habit will eventually return to fill that void.

With my proven method I find that the vast majority of people that come and see me, successfully stop smoking after just one session. Now and then there is somebody who struggles a bit and I make sure that there is a free follow-up session available to make sure they stay smoke free.

You will only need the one Hypnosis session to break the habit. It is about 2 ½ hours in duration and includes the following:

Understand hypnosis
Understand your habit
Training in self-hypnosis
Break the habit

Main Hypnosis session

The session always includes a very detailed explanation on what hypnosis is, why it works so quickly, and why it is so very effective and powerful when performed correctly by a qualified and registered Hypnotherapist. There are many misconceptions surrounding Hypnosis, and I take time to carefully explain to my clients exactly what the process is.

Included is a strengthening CD that you could use any time you want to, should you require it. There is also a free follow-up session should you require it, a kind of safety net just for in case you experience any difficulties.

To prepare yourself for the session and increase your chances of success, you are required to do the following:

Keep a diary of every cigarette that you smoke, stating when, where, what you are doing.
Please bring this journal with you to the session, it is an important part of the process and therapy.
Stop smoking in your favourite place.
When you smoke, don’t do anything else, just smoke and concentrate on the cigarette you are smoking.
The cost of the session is R 950.

For more information, visit or call 0933792489 for an appointment.

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