YES Environmental Drama Festival 2013 Invitation to WCED high schools

REGISTER your school now to participate in the YES Environmental Drama Festival in your programme for 2013. (Registration form attached) 

Theme for the 2013 festival is: Smart Living. Smart Saving. 

Venue: Baxter Theatre Centre 


Wednesday 06/02/13 15h30 to 17h00 TEACHERS MEETING
Saturday 23/02/13 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP ONE: THEME
Saturday 02/03/12 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP TWO
Saturday 09/03/13 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP THREE
Saturday 13/04/13 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP FOUR
Saturday 20/04/13 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP FIVE
Saturday 18/05/13 08h30 to 14h30 WORKSHOP SIX
Mon 22 – Thurs 25 July 15h30 to 18h00 FESTIVAL WEEK – REHEARSALS
Friday 26/07/2013 15h30 to 18h00 FESTIVAL DAY
Saturday 27/07/2013 09h00 to 10h0011h00 to 12h30

12h30 to 14h00



 Don’t miss out on this exciting and challenging opportunity to showcase environmental issues through drama.   Through our pre-festival workshop programme, learners will develop skills in theatre making and environmental theatre and creatively interpret and explore environmental information.  

The Festival has two aims:

1.       To build the environmental capacity of High Schools by showing the links between the curriculum and learning about sustainability and the challenges facing all of us, and to look for locally relevant solutions.

2.       To make it possible for learners to express their life views and concerns, broadening their horizons by experiencing the magic of creating theatre. Learning the discipline essential to being on stage and developing the drama skills of scriptwriting, playmaking, basic acting and directing.

Download the Entry Form

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