Dividable Grand: Debut single “Puzzling Me” playlisted on KFM & RSG.

Dividable Grand`s debut single Puzzling Me has been submitted to national radio and has been accepted for KFM and RSG playlists up to date.  Their rocky tunes “We Killed the Buzz” and “Whistling in Company” are also playing on various campus radio stations nationwide. 

Dividable Grand is: David Vermeulen – lead guitar, ukulele and vocals and Lindi van Blerk – drums and percussion. The band lives in Knysna and recorded their debut album “The Buzz” at Heritage Sound in Cape Town.

Recent reviews indicate that the SA music scene is in for a treat with this new trio.

“It’s simple, it’s whimsical, and it makes me smile.  From the minute you pick up Dividable Grand’s album, The Buzz, the band will surprise you.” Louisa Steyl, Tygerburger.

“For a band made up solely of 18-year-olds, The Buzz is what many would consider well above average as far as debut albums are concerned. The album is altogether enjoyable and distinguished, with an impressive sense of creativity oozing through the music. Excitement builds knowing that any future offerings hold great potential.” – Genevieve Vieira, The Citizen Vibe.

Drummer Kevin Gibson saw Dividable Grand perform at KKNK earlier this year and was impressed with Lindi`s drumming. Kevin says: “ It didn’t take long to realize that she was a natural – keeping great time and maintaing her relaxed composure. Being a drummer, I know what it’s like to have to get up and perform on unfamiliar equipment on a big stage with little or no soundcheck, but Lindi appeared to be totally at ease. Of course she had a hundred excuses afterwards, but what the musicians listening heard was a very talented and accomplished drummer!I only found out later that she has had very little help/instruction on the instrument, and this makes her ability all the more impressive. “

Social Media: 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dividablegrand

Twitter: @dividablegrand

Website: www.dividablegrand.com 

Listen to  tracks off the album here:  http://soundcloud.com/dividablegrand/tracks 

Media contact: Liny Kruger at LK Mediabook: 082 464 1926 / 021 556 1726 / liny@lkmediabook.co.za

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